I have been ministering to teenagers for over 20 years now and my wife and I have led several successful youth ministries over the years. The obvious reason for our success, and cannot be overstated, is God's grace and love and the Power of the Holy Spirit. No matter what your answer is, you are correct because that is how you are measuring success.
The New Testament (and the whole Bible) is the church's spiritual metric and cannot be replaced, but there are principles of success that will help you whether you are just starting out or you're hitting the reset button.
If kids know who they are in Christ, they can be effective  leaders and servants in God's Kingdoms. I had a kid tell me he wanted to lead a Heavy Metal Bible Study based on Christian Metal songs. Looking over his relationships, Steven Lake distills the elements that encourage lasting success. These secrets are not based on a book (yet) but are a distillation of my forty plus years of being in relationships – some short term, some long-term, some successful, and some not.
Being in love opens your heart and provides experiences that are only possible from this state. Fortunately, with a little bit of regular maintenance, love can be nurtured and mature like a fine wine growing richer and more robust with age. The difficulty of communicating with a loved one is not limited to opposite sex relationships. It is not trying to change your partner’s mind or finding a solution to their problem unless they have asked you directly for an answer. In my book on how to communicate with women there is a chapter titled Win the Argument, Lose the Relationship and the primary example is; if you want to win arguments, become a lawyer. If you want to win at relationship you must open yourself to the possibility they you may indeed be wrong and it is not shameful to admit it and even, hold your breath, apologize if you have been an ignoramus in the process.
When I get my wife flowers (receiving gifts) or do some household chore (acts of service) she becomes incandescent and I bask in the glow of her appreciation and happiness. The ability to have fun in your relationship can be your saving grace as you encounter all the challenges that life will eventually throw at you.
This is a great article bringing together some very important issues is a simple and comprehensive way.
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Over the next few days I want to share seven "secrets" that made our youth ministries so successful. O have no man made way of helping you create God's church, that is His work alone and his journey with you; but  God has taught me a thing or two on the process of navigating various kinds of groups to "success". We had 10 kids participate and many of those kids do not use the magnetic board on a weekly basis, but this is how they are wanting to serve. Mostly, they are a compilation of my learning distilled from my current relationship which has lasted sixteen years.
There are countless books, courses and movies about how to have a beautiful and everlasting relationship.
Whether it is increased productivity, creativity, or a sense of wonder at the universe, being in love heightens the senses and makes for an enhanced experience of life and your lover. Maintenance is key for love to continue because, after that first wave of intoxicating experience is moderated by time and the challenges of life, there can be slippage in your connection to that ephemeral feeling.
The other day, a good friend of mine said “I hear you” three times to three different sentences I had started but never finished because he had “heard” me. This is tough especially if you are competitive or brought up with a mindset that every point needs to be fought over to show how smart you are, how well read you are, how competent you are, or how important you are. Now you know what works for them, and all those times they seemed to ignore your love gestures make sense. Fun comes in many forms, and whether you use humor, games, holidays, or dancing, whatever form you use, just make sure it includes your partner. If you have a favorite thought, feeling, or behavior that has assisted you in maintaining your relationship, please share. He has a private counselling practice, works for the BC Society of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, and is an adjunct professor at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. We interlock our fingers, put one leg back, and then push against each-other while making growling sounds. So, no matter where you are in the process of your ministry career, or youth ministry, it's never too late late to start the journey to success.

If you don't have metrics in place that communicate whether you're successful or not, start to prayerfully consider what it those metrics are.
The board is just one metric, it tell me who is "getting it" and what I need to do to get more people involved.
I am romantic in that I fall in love easily and believe every relationship I get into will last forever. It is easy to forget to take the time and do the actions and act the way that made the relationship work in the first place. They were doing all the wrong things males typically do; trying to make points, cutting off the other person in mid-speech, trying to dominate with facts and figures – all the standard problems I usually hear with different sex relationships. I thought my partner would appreciate my gifts of love because they were exactly what I would appreciate. I just didn’t know that everyone is brought up differently and may not have the same language of showing love.
Indeed, if you have those traits you may need to consciously include fun in your daily routine. I always end up laughing and he laughs, because I use the same series of moves every single time.
Your partner, or prospective partner, knows where you are coming from and can (hopefully) make an informed response. In arranged marriages love is a product of shared goals, intentions, hopes, respect, and a willingness to learn about the person you are sharing your life with. Anyone who tells you they never fight is either lying or in a relationship that is headed for divorce.
It is definitely a vulnerable place especially if you are not sure whether the other person feels as you do. The most common complaint I get in my therapy with couples is one person complaining that the other does not know how to communicate. The other day we were doing that and I was remarking how I bet more marriages would stay intact if people play-fought.
I stayed the course in the first year, let the shake our happen (if there is any, and there has been some), and then we moved forward. A frequent dose of fun keeps you happier and healthier and is a protective factor against depression.

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