Nearly a decade ago, Yoon Jin-Seo exploded onto the world of cinema with her star-making role in Park Chan-wook’s blockbuster OLDBOY. Only two months after their storybook marriage, beautiful young Yeon-Yi (Yoon Jin-Seo) is suffering through the repercussions of a tragic car accident that’s placed her handsome new husband Jin-woo (Oldboy’s Yoo Ji-Tae) into a deep coma.
Actress Yoon Jin-Seo will introduce the film, and will participate in a Q&A session following the feature. The stunning 29-year-old young actress has been a staple of the Korean film industry ever since and from the supernatural horrors of Ki-hwan Oh’s Voices to the laugh-packed Good Day for an Affair, this petite powerhouse has the world’s attention and shows no signs of slowing down. Utterly destroyed, she finds herself waiting at the airport for her husband’s brother Jin-Ho, but, never having previously met, Yeon-Yi shocked to discover that he and Jin-woo are identical twins.

After ten short years, her resume now tallies more than a dozen of Korea’s biggest features, so it’s no surprise that the Korean Cultural Service – in association with The New York Asian Film Festival – is immensely proud to present two of this talented, boundary-pushing young actress’ most powerful new films… with Ms. Initially cold toward each other, the two soon fall head-over-heels in forbidden love… and things become even more problematic when Jin-woo suddenly awakens from his coma. They are a little like ants and there are so many adorable tiny DIY creations such as stamps as wall decors!
Catch up on All of the Originals & Prequels on Netflix!Sam PlankFeel like some Netflix Nostalgia? When compared to other previous directorial debut, this is certainly one of the better ones from Studio Ghibli (unlike Tales of Earthsea) even though there are some illogical scenes.

The short adventure and friendship can be satisfying if you are genuinely interested with fantasy.

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