Poet and writer Zoketsu Norman Fischer is a well-known Zen Buddhist priest and teacher from California.
During this retreat we can learn, through simple methods, to let go of our habits of anxiety, stress and worry, in order to find the peace and clarity that we need.
This retreat will take the teachings of the Nordic Dharma Celebration as its inspiration with the aim to take them deeply to heart and to gain actual experience of the Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness.
This meditation retreat provides an opportunity to step aside from the busyness and distractions of daily life and to recharge our spiritual batteries in a natural and peaceful environment. On the final day there is a group lunch and time to share our experiences before returning home.
Stacey will teach classes on asana each morning and evening, focusing on hatha and ashtanga yoga and the use of color visualizations.
Her personal asana practice is primarily Ashtanga which finds it's way in some way shape or form into the vinyasa classes she teaches.
Dandapani and Stacey on the recent spiritual adventure to the Himalayas in Nepal and North India. It is led in English and Spanish, with a mixture of participants from Mexico, US, and Canada, with varying levels of experience. Former abbot of the oldest Zen organization in the West, the San Francisco Zen Center, he is now spiritual leader of the Everyday Zen Foundation.

Accommodation options range from dorm-style rooms to comfortable Suites for single or double occupancy. There is also a sauna for those who wish, please bring a bathing costume if you wish to use the sauna or swim in the sea. Classes will be conducted by Dandapani and Stacey Green and are open to those wishing to learn, beginners or advanced students.
Looking closely at the chakras (centers of consciousness) and the workings of the various nadis (psychic nerve currents). The group helps the individual and the individual helps the group, my guru would often say. While the practice is intensive, there is a rest time for enjoying the beach and the beautiful natural surroundings.
Dandapani's classes will also cover sections on the human aura, how to work with colors and visualizations.
We will practice together and reflect over our inner journeys in the quiet evenings by the sea.
Her warm calming voice and clear instructions made it easy to join into the awareness of the body when the eyes were closed in inquiries. Together, they develop steadiness, strength and vitality as well as fluidity, ease and release.

Paying attention to our breathing is the easiest way to connect to ourselves because the breath is the invisible bridge between the body and the mind. Yoga teaches practical, accessible techniques for finding, observing, and balancing the breath. Even when the weather or the movie changes the sky is always there and the screen remains the same. Yogic wisdom tells us that there is a peaceful, unchanging matrix that supports and sustains everything else. Learning to observe our thoughts in meditation is a way of getting to know our true selves.
We tune into our deepest intentions, needs and desires and the body has more energy to heal and re-generate.

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