Meditation Classes For BeginnersDo you want to try meditation but don't know where to start? Kadampa Mediation Center Phoenix (formerly known as Clear Light Buddhist Center) is open and equally available to everyone regardless of gender, race, color, ethnic background, national origin, religion , or sexual orientation.
Classes at our Phoenix center take place in a beautiful meditation room and are suitable for all individuals at all levels of interest. KMC Phoenix was founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in 2001 and is a member of the New Kadampa Tradition ~ International Kadampa Buddhist Union (KMC-IKBU), a global network of over one thousand Centers and groups around the world.
You are welcome to visit the Center, spend time in our inspiring meditation room, browse in the CLBC Bookstore, or speak with other practitioners from our community.
The Heart of our CommunityWe are a volunteer run organization…please consider donating your time. ONLINE RESOURCESPlease visit Tharpa Publications Online to order books and audio on Buddhism and meditation. Here you will find a group of committed Volunteers who run the Center in order to keep tuition ridiculously low. Join our next meditation and mindfulness class, and discover how you can live a happy, high life today. Click here to Join our Mailing List for our monthly newsletter, book news, out of town classes, and more.
The ego loves continuity, and it will work very hard to create the illusion that everything is the same today as it was yesterday.
When we embrace Light, we feel happy, peaceful, open, and we tend to focus on solutions rather than problems. Many people are caught up in the fear projected by the media, which they internalize and customize to their specific issues and then fight in their own private battleground. While private, individual practice is essential, the Path becomes easier and more joyful when we gather together to practice.
In addition to attending classes at Dharma Center this month, you can join us via telephone. You are also invited to step out of the world and experience the relaxation, rejuvenation, and re-connection of a meditation Retreat.
Please download this flyer and share it on your social media – Thank you for Sharing the Light!!! In case you missed our December Newsletter, Calendar, and the monthly tip, you can find it on the link below.
Explore an Intermediate Meditation technique designed to bring you into deeper silence and awareness of your Being and the connection with all that is.
You are welcome to bring an offering in a white envelope for Isis; however this is not required. In Beginning meditation, we are becoming comfortable with the idea of stopping to sit still during our busy day. In Intermediate meditation, we seek to improve the quality our time in the stillness so we can more deeply touch the infinite silence within our being. The recent lunar eclipse so close to the Fall Equinox drenched us with power and the potential to uncover our deepest Light. AgniKala is the artist behind the beautiful Rama Thangka and his projects include wonderful meditation videos published on The Network Tribe channel on YouTube. We invite you to attend our friends’ night every Wednesday for meditation and Dharma discussion. Nagaloka Buddhist Center offers an opportunity for individuals to learn the ancient tradition of Buddhism and to learn meditation.

Each class consists of a guided breathing meditation, a talk on the topic of the day, and concludes with a meditation based on the topic. Corrugated steel is great for durability and cost and the mansard roof helps to create the expansive space, which comprises 26 beds in 13 rooms. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. Here in Fawnskin it is nothing unusual to see any one of the four Monks in their saffron robes at the Post Office or even working on the building or surrounding property. Although the ceremony was in another language, everyone who attended felt the joy and celebrated the occasion. The previous building had burned down prior to my moving into Fawnskin–and I have watched the activities and construction from the very beginning. Once the Monks were seated, the rest of us ambled around the food laden tables selecting from a variety of wonderful and lovingly prepared foods. After lunch we again assembled in the center for an additional ceremony prior to the walking blessing–a procession around the temple led by the Monks.
It was a lovely and peaceful day and we were happy to join our neighbors in the celebration.
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The monks sat in order of their seniority as monks and three of the top four recently arrived from Thailand. The offering of rice and money (tuk bat) is about making merit for the giver and ancestors. The foreign language the monks chant in is Pali which is believed to be close to the language that Buddha used. Ajahn Sombat, the Abbot of the temple in Fawnskin recently finished the requirements for citizenship.
If you read the posts and click on the link you will find the information…try the Grizzly article. Drikung Kyobpa Choling was founded in 1996 by Drupon Samten Rinpoche, under the guidance of His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsung. Dharma Center Members enjoy community, laughter, and learning, both at Dharma Center and on retreats.
However, all of life is in flux, so sooner or later, we notice that things are not the same.
We try to put our space back into the order we know, or we try to convince our friend she is just having a bad day and she should act like her old self. By applying our practices of meditation and mindfulness, we can stop the cascade of thoughts and rest in the present moment.
If we’ve been training in our practice, then we know to stop, take a breath and act from the heart. If there’s nothing we can do in the moment, then this energy can be directed into creative expression while we wait for the time when direct action is appropriate.
The best thing, really the only thing, we can do for those lost in lower mind states is to be steadfast in our own practice.
In the smiles of our brothers and sisters in the Sangha, we recognize the Light shining into this world. Through partnership with the Rama Meditation Society, two Dharma Center teachers will be offering free teleconferences.

The deadline to register for the Arches National Park Retreat is approaching; see the newsletter for details about Membership and our upcoming Retreats. This workshop is being held in celebration of Isis’s birthday, and is her gift to you. If you have never practiced any type of meditation or mindfulness technique before, please attend one of our other classes first. There are many days on the Path where the world seems dark, as if a heavy shadow has fallen over us. Cultivating that love in our heart with Buddhist meditations helps us to increase our capacity to connect with and care for others. Many of the Fawnskin residents joined our neighbors for the celebrations for the formal opening at the Wat Dhammasujitto Meditation Center.
Since the local celebration occurred just prior to those festivities here, many people arrived from all over Southern California to celebrate the completion of the Fawnskin center.
One master was visiting from Thailand and each sat in the order of how long they had been Monks. Although I got a good look at the interior the day before, it was a much richer experience when filled with people.
The third ranking monk is Phra Sunthorn Dhammasadhit (the name was given to him by the King of Thailand).
The monks in Thailand are required to make themselves available every morning for this to happen.
We are dedicated to providing the opportunity for all individuals to have a place of refuge, solitude, and tranquility, and to experience the teachings and philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism. Unless we want to constantly be doing the proverbial face-plant, we have to roll and flow with the shifting landscape of human experience.
When it’s we who have changed, we attempt to return to old patterns in the hopes we can set ourselves straight. This burst of energy that arises when faced with uncertainty can be used to elevate our consciousness, or it can drown us in doubt and fear. Then the Light burst through, peeling back from the edge until the bright white light reflected perfectly by the full moon illuminated the sky. Through the internal work of meditation and self inquiry, the attachments that keep us in the dark reveal themselves. We alternate between the mindfulness of breathing and the development of loving kindness meditation. Devotees lit incense and murmured blessings, we were also showered with rose petals, sesame seeds, coins and other treasures. I am not certain of just how many years each has been in service but on the low end I know one had 48 years! Additionally, our goal is to support the Tibetan community, preserve the ancient Tibetan culture, and to maintain the traditional teachings as taught by The Buddha and the great masters of India and Tibet.
Each time we let one of them go, Light peels back the covering, allowing Awareness to emerge and shine.

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