What the Teachers Say About Doggie Dharma: Did Buddha Teach That Dogs and Cats Have Buddha Nature? Science: Research Proves Vajrayana Meditation Techniques Involving Deity Visualization Improve Cognitive Performance and May Be Promising For Degenerative Brain DisordersScience, and in particular the medical profession, has long accepted the positive benefits of all forms or meditation.
Drumming for mindfulness and healing: a simple way to calm the mind, remove stress and heal.
Zasep Tulku Rinpoche discusses decades of teaching, advice for beginner students and funny stories of his teachers.PART 1 OF A 3-PART FEATURE INTERVIEW WITH VENERABLE ZASEP TULKU RINPOCHE. The Diamond Way Buddhism (Sanskrit: Vajrayana) offers the modern world "Effective methods that lead to a direct experience of mind," as explained by Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche, one of the most experienced teachers of Tibetan Buddhism. We are one of more than 650 lay Diamond Way Buddhist Centers and Groups of the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism around the world. Mission: The center provides a relaxed environment where people are welcome to investigate authentic Buddhist teachings and meditations. The Meditation Circle of Charleston will be on the road for a  group meditation session from 10 a.m. I have heard that on one occasion the Blessed One (the Buddha) was living among the Sakyans.
Meditation is not just a rest or retreat from the turmoil of the stream or the impurity of the world. Gary Snyder lives in the northern Sierra Nevada and practices in the Linji Ch’an (Zen) Buddhist tradition. Parami (Pali), Paramita (Sanskrit): literally, perfection, or crossing over (to the other shore).
The paramis are practices that can lead one to the perfection of certain virtuous or ennobling qualities. It is interesting to note that the parami of generosity comes first, before the other practices, even morality. The paramis are seen as the heart of our true nature but greed, hatred, and delusion cause them to become somewhat blurred.
If you are also compelled to seek, no matter whether you are an advanced student or one who is just beginning the journey, we welcome you. The Frederick Meditation Center is a tranquil refuge in the heart of downtown Frederick, and offers group and private meditation classes, as well as yoga therapy, stress management, counseling, and grief groups. Founded by Heather Stang, author of Mindfulness & Grief, mindfulness meditation instructor and certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner, the Frederick Meditation Center is dedicated to helping the Frederick community reduce stress and live life more fully. Inevitably, arthritis pains subsides in my case, and I’ve avoided most of the colds and flus that go around my business meetings— knock on wood.

Many studies across decades of research have proven meditation is simply good for the body—and your health. But, if that annual doctor’s visit brings dreaded news, a diagnosis of a serious disease or condition, your doctor will probably refer to a specialist.
Studies show drum meditation supports treatments of cancer, Parkinsons and depression.Psychology and science have identified both drumming and mindfulness meditation as helpful therapy for everything from stress to memory loss to supportive cancer care. The spiritual head of many temples and meditation centres in Canada, United States, and Australia, the eminent guru will make his semi-annual teaching round in Toronto, Canada in April 2016. It is a way of being the stream, so that one can be at home in both the white water and the eddies. One finds that there’s no one in charge, and is reminded that no thought lasts for long. Pulitzer prize-winning poet and essayist, his most recent book is This Present Moment: New Poems. They are practiced as a way of purifying karma and leading the practitioner on a path to enlightenment. Some commentators suggest that the list begins with the easiest practice and becomes progressively more challenging. You have to stop and really take stock of these things, find a place within where you can be really, really quiet, and then look clearly at these voices to see what they are. The class begins with a period of lightly guided meditation, which is followed by a period of sharing and discussion about Buddhist principles. By learning to meditate, the practitioner can develop a holistic world view that is the foundation for expanding our relationships with self and others.
A new study from the National University of Singapore, attempts to differentiate the relative benefits of different types of meditation…. And, putting aside Buddhists, why is the meat industry growing when the science says it’s hurting our planet? Together with Medicine Buddha practice, they are important and treasured practices in Buddhism that have been relied on for healing for centuries.
Diamond Way meditations develop a deep inner richness and lead to a non-artificial and unwavering mind where every enlightened activity can unfold. Lama Ole with his wife Hannah have been integral forces in adapting the timeless wisdom of Diamond Way Buddhism to the Western society via request of their teacher 16h Karmapa, His Holiness Rangjung Rigpei Dorje.
Admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life. The marks of the Buddhist teachings are impermanence, no-self, the inevitability of suffering, interconnectedness, emptiness, the vastness of mind, and the provision of a Way to realization.

In the Theravada tradition, the ten paramis are dana (generosity), sila (morality), nekkhamma (relinquishing), panna (wisdom), viriya (effort), khanti (patience), sacca (truthfulness), adhitthana (determination), metta (lovingkindness), upekkha (equanimity). Another view is that until one sees the interconnected nature of phenomena and has a heart open to the needs of all beings, the other paramis can remain beyond reach. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said, “These deeds, called the perfections, constitute the essential and comprehensive path to enlightenment, combining method and wisdom.” Thus the paramis are important practices for one who seeks to become an awakened being and to end the cycle of samsara, or cyclic existence. The class closes with a period of silent meditation, which may be practiced seated or walking. Since the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, we have known about the stress-reducing benefits of both mindfulness and drumming. Ananda went to the Blessed One and, on arrival, having bowed down to the Blessed One, sat to one side.
In the Mahayana there are six paramitas: generosity, morality, patience, effort, concentration, and wisdom. The key point to remember is that the paramis are offered not as philosophy but as practices. This applies not only to ideas in the mind, but also to the body, this form we’re sitting with here.
My kind teacher, Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, smiled as they lifted the pup for a blessing after the teachings.
Our centers consist of people and families living together, working full-time jobs, and incorporating Diamond Way teachings and meditations into their daily lives. It will come as no surprise that one of the most difficult people to forgive can be yourself. Generosity supports relinquishing, which supports morality, which supports truthfulness, which supports wisdom, which supports equanimity, and so forth. The same principle also applies to feelings of pleasure and pain as they come and go, to perceptions, to thought-constructs, even to our consciousness of things. Here, Buddha manifested as forms of energy and light or directly transmitted his enlightened view as a flow of awareness. Lay practitioners volunteer for all the tasks associated with the running of the center, which is held together by idealism and friendship. This is the start of a monthly meditation gathering at PeaceTree, to take place the first Saturday of every month, so mark your calendars.

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