A somewhat discouraging realization came when I discovered there were very few companies and organizations that really fit interest and impact profile I was looking for. I am beyond excited to announce that I will be the Director of Channel Sales at Change.org, a company that is transforming how individuals and organizations spark massive social change. Your essential source for the latest news on the intersection of Wall Street and Washington. Michael Leachman of the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities argues that the stimulus has created more jobs than recovery.gov tracks. Bruce Katz, Emilia Istrate, and Jonathan Rothwell note that rising exports would do a lot for metropolitan areas. Flavio Cunha and James Heckman revew research suggesting that non-cognitive skills are important for young people's life prospects.
The Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the Waxman-Markey climate change bill is making headlines for showing that the legislation wouldn't cost much. For a bit more on that subject, it's worth checking out the CBO's analysis of "Potential Impacts of Climate Change in the United States." It's basically a survey of the many, many, academic papers published on the topic, and it has the virtue of being both quite careful and quite comprehensive. But as the paper makes clear, a lot of the global warming debate comes down to how much we care about people who aren't us. The fact is that efficiency regulation on a product sacrifices performance, construction and price features, and does not necessarily give the savings suggested anyway.

Lighthouse99: "Inefficient products need to have special advantages or noone would want them. The problem with that line of reasoning is that few products price in the externalities of their use or production. The tree-huggers here tell us that taxing the heck out of gasoline will lead to innovation.
Anyone who publishes a fantastically distorted graph like the one at the head of this article is either joking or insane. For instance, the consensus estimate appears to be that if current warming trends continue, America will become between six and 13 degrees Fahrenheit warmer over the 21st century.
The actual economic drag projected for the United States in the 21st century is relatively modest: 3 percent or so. A depressing outlook for the 90% that are on the losing end either nationally or internationally. Cars don't price in the costs of their emissions, not just for global warming but for very real pollutants that harm public health.
To put that in context, the change in temperature between the coldest period of the Ice Age -- which was 21,000 years ago -- and the current climate is estimated at between 7 and 13 degrees Fahrenheit. When someone uses inefficient appliances, it's not just their energy rates that go up, but mine too because of increased demand on the system--but that wasteful user doesn't pay for raising everyone else's rates.

They've been taxing gas to death for decades and it hasn't lead to much in the way of innovation.
You may not like what the science tells you, but the CBO is no whackaloon outfit that thrives on making stuff up.
I'm young, but I'll be long dead by the time the time climate change transitions into climate chaos.
But the consequences for the developing world are tremendous in the short-term, and the consequences for our descendants are potentially vast.
If the costs of inefficiency on others were really priced in for the users, then you might see people moving towards far more efficient products.
Instead it has led to matchbox size cars with 1.2 liter engines that you wouldn't put your family in on a bet.
I'm afraid that calling people who disagree with you "loony" does not qualify your opinion to stand alongside 30 years of research on climate science; neither is a sneer sufficient to counter a report meticulously prepared over several months by a rather large group of experts.

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