To prevent this from happening, you can disable the Control Center on the lock screen by going to Settings -> Control Center and turning off Access on Lock Screen.
If you find that you are having difficulty entering your current iPhone passcode, or if there are other people that know your passcode and you want to disable their access to your device, then it is a good idea to change it.
Once you have followed our tutorial below, your iPhone will be set up with a new passcode, which you will need to enter when you unlock your device, or when you visit the Touch ID & Passcode menu.
Tap the Passcode Options button to select the type of passcode that you want to use to unlock your device. If you have a security passcode set up for iCloud, then you will be asked whether you wish to update that passcode as well. If you are concerned about people being able to access Siri when your iPhone is locked, then you might wish to disable Siri access on the lock screen.
Setting up a passcode lock on your iPhone is a great way to add security to your files and pictures. If you picked up a new iPhone 5s this weekend or are awaiting one in the mail, youa€™re probably aware of Applea€™s new Touch ID feature, which is built into the iPhone 5sa€™s Home button. If youa€™re particularly concerned that someone may grab your fingerprints off your iPhone screen (or elsewhere) and build a latex replica, use a finger you dona€™t often rely ona€”your pinkie finger, for instance.
The Passcode & Fingerprint screen controls your passcode settings and Touch ID settings, and determines what you can access while your device is locked. TOUCHY, TOUCHYA  Don't click the Home button when scanning your fingerprinta€”just tap and hold. After it completes its initial read, your iPhone will ask you to scan the edges of your finger so that it has a complete scan. HIDDEN FINGERPRINTSA  To see if your finger's already been scanned, hold it against the Home button; if you've added it, that entry flashes. If you dona€™t want to rename your prints, you can leave them with their default names and still know which numeral goes with which finger: When you place a finger on the Touch ID sensor, the entry ita€™s associated with flashes gray. Disable Touch ID: Apple stores all fingerprints locally on your device with encryption, but you can disable Touch ID entirely if you dona€™t like the idea of having your fingerprints recorded.
One reason that Touch ID is such a good security feature on the iPhone 5s is that ita€™s not the phonea€™s sole security featurea€”you must also set up a passcode on your device, and you must use that passcode in a number of situations, according to Apple. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Serenity has been writing and talking and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. A four-digit passcode is what protects your iPhone, and the sensitive material within it, from strangers or nosey friends. One of the newer features I added to Choice by Choice was the lock screen functionality requested by a number of users. It comes in the form of a sample app, which lets you lock the app, and change the passcode.

Plus, if you do a remote wipe, thieves won't be able to reactivate it without your password.You also won't be able to disable Find My iPhone without logging in (a blindingly stupid omission from the previous version of iOS).
If you don't like the idea of advertisers tracking your every move on the internet, it's wise to turn on Do Not Track. With this on, Safari will display a warning whenever you try to open a website that is suspected of phishing. Then you can choose to keep all of your current tabs open, or close them all and start fresh. This will not stop Find My iPhone from helping you locate your device if it's lost or stolen. The bug above will probably be fixed in the first update that Apple pushes out, but for now, this will keep your device safe. This update also fixes the bug that let uses make non-emergency phone calls from the lock screen's emergency call feature. Also make sure to check out the 15 most annoying things and 18 coolest new features in iOS 7 that every iPhone user should know about.
Fortunately this is something that you can accomplish directly from your iPhone in just a few simple steps.
If you want to create a new passcode because you have forgotten the old one, then this method will not work. If you have an iPhone that does not have the Touch ID option, then you are just looking for the Passcode menu.
It is always a good practice to clear up unused apps, data, old pictures and videos to ensure your iOS device runs smooth. Zedge has changed this with a free app that offers free ringtones that can sync up to your iPhone or iOS device free.
With your phone password protected, no one can unlock your iPhone unless they have the four digit pin code.
In case you havena€™t yet set it up, however, herea€™s a primer on how to do so (and when youa€™ll have to fall back to your passcode). In setting it up, you must also set up a passcode (as a fallback identification system in case fingerprint recognition fails). If you choose to turn it on during this process, the setup routine asks you to place a finger on the Touch ID sensor repeatedly until the sensor has memorized and recorded your fingerprint. If youa€™ve already set up a passcode, you must enter it in order to gain access to this screena€”you cana€™t use an already-registered fingerprint to open this section.
You can also view your current list of fingerprints, add new ones, and rename or delete them.
To do so, turn off the Passcode Unlock and iTunes & App Store toggles, and delete all fingerprints. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.

We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Four digits are the only thing preventing someone from snooping through your pictures and posting them online for the public to see, and that's if you even have passcode security enabled.Since it's so easy to look over someone's shoulder, it's difficult for me to place full confidence in four simple numbers. It turns out plenty of people let others use their iOS devices but dona€™t want them to be able to access certain data or apps.
It hasna€™t been modified to run nicely on the iPad yet, so if you feel like adding support for that, that would be just great. Some of these features appeared in previous versions of Apple's mobile operating system, but they're all things every iPhone owner needs to know.
From here, you can turn off mic access to any app you want, but apps like Shazam will be worthless without it—so choose wisely. You will need to follow the instructions on Apple’s website, in this support article, for options that are available to you if you have forgotten your passcode.
Included in the tutorial will be some extra tips and the camera settings section which holds some extra features.
Zedge can be downloaded free in the app store and includes instructions on how to setup a wireless sync for ringtones.
If you choose not to use the fingerprint scanner, you can always swipe to the right on the lock screen at any time to access the passcode entry screen.
Thata€™s one finger down, but you may want to set up morea€”to enable a family member to unlock your phone, for example.
Every time your iPhone finishes capturing part of the fingerprint, the vibration sensor buzzesa€”ita€™s the easiest way to know when you should lift and replace your finger.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. How To Get Hidden Spock emoji (Vulcan Salute) ???????????????? ???? Using your iOS device, navigate to this page using Safari. Our own Jason Snell offers a more thorough explanation of the service in his iPhone 5s hands-on.
According to Apple, the chance that Touch ID will misread a finger is 1 in 50,000 a€”a much lower probability than the 1 in 10,000 chance for guessing a four-digit passworda€”and Touch ID requires you to enter your password after five unsuccessful match attempts.
However, Touch ID doesn't always work if your fingers are sweaty, and noseprint security might just be too silly. That, and some of you might not even have Touch ID.If you look through your iPhone's settings, the passcode itself is even labeled as "simple," which means there's another option you can utilize.
So it's time to get rid of that nonsense passcode and create a complex, alphanumeric one that will keep phone snoops at bay.

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