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If the default font within the Notes app burns your retinas nearly as it does mine, it may deter you from using the Notes app. Here you can switch between three options; the default Noteworthy font, Marker Felt, and Helvetica.
While Helvetica may be the only acceptable option at this time, it will be a lot easier on the eyes than the default font.

Tim Cook will be meeting with the heads of a number of India's major telecom companies in an effort to form strategic partnerships as the country moves towards a wider 4G network rollout. If you know you aren't going to subscribe to Apple Music, hide it and enjoy your Music app in peace! Another option for this is the manual method by changing the iPhone fonts through SSH, however that might be so tasking for many. While some users may prefer something more powerful like Evernote, the Notes app gets the job done for a lot of people, especially since it supports iCloud sync. After downloading the font a homescreen icon will be created which can be used to change and add fonts on your iPhone and iPod Touch .

An icon will be created which gives access to the latest fonts available on the developer’s website . There is a huge collection of online fonts that can be downloaded through this web app based application .For more jailbreak apps and tweaks check out our iPhone Jailbreak Apps section .

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