NOTE: Some vehicles may be high enough off the ground to reach the oil filter and oil pan and may not require raising the vehicle. The 3.6L Pentastar V6 uses a drop in style filter that makes installing a new filter a snap and can be changed without even laying under the Jeep.
After the cover is removed locate the oil filter cap and using a 24mm socket remove the cap. Position floor jack in place, entering from the driver's side of the vehicle and centering it on the cross beam. Reaching in under the front of the vehicle, carefully install jackstands near the left and right sides.
Carefully drive vehicle onto ramps, place vehicle in Park, secure parking brake and turn off ignition. With a clean shop rag, reach up and clean around the contact area of the oil filter mounting plate.

Slowly raise the jack enough to slightly lift the vehicle, then re-check that the jack is still centered front to back on the beam.
I also usually "pre-oil" the filter, putting in just enough oil so that it won't spill out when being reinstalled.
I drain mine into plastic 2-gallon empty laundry detergent bottles and take them to the recycling center a couple times a year. If on a slope it is recommended to place blocks under the rear wheels for additional safety.
Remove the drain plug (counter clockwise) and let oil drain, preferably for at least 15-20 minutes. Putting in less oil than recommended is not really necessary when the filter has been changed and the oil left to drain for the proper amount of time. Do not rev engine immediately, let it run for a couple minutes and then rpm's can be raised up a bit to circulate the oil.

Next, raise the jack just enough to slightly take the pressure off of the jack stands and securely lock the jack.
With a flashlight, and staying clear of engine fan and belts, check the areas around the top of the filter for any leakage. It is normal for small amounts of USED oil to drip onto the floor in the next day or so after the change, especially if the area around filter was not thoroughly cleaned.

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