To download and use a cursor from the Web, select your desired icon set and click the associated download link prior to choosing a save location. Place your cursor anywhere in the second paragraph of the sample text you created in Exercise 2.
Awesome HP code.I thought this only worked in IE, kind of like changing scrollbar colors, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that changing the cursor is cross browser compatible. Sometimes referred to as the pointer, the graphical images — commonly associated with a simple, slanted arrow — echo the movements of the computer mouse, touchpad, or whatever pointing device happens to be utilized with the computer.
Also, check out our quick-hit list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts or our even slimmer guide to the four essential Windows keyboard shortcuts you absolutely must know.
Then, click the green Hardware and Sound link on the left-hand side of the new window, followed by the blue Mouse link under the Devices and Printers section.

Afterward, navigate to the mouse settings as outlined in Step 1, click the icon you wish to change beneath the Customize section and choose your mouse cursor from its respective save location.
After taking our five lesson course, you will be ready to create your own MS Word documents. In the Special Field of the Paragraph dialog box, you tell Word you want to indent the first line by choosing First Line from the menu options. It’s a basic concept, allowing users to visualize the exact location set to respond to a specified command, but one still crucial in a world that has yet to fully implement touchscreen technology in everyday computing.
Windows comes pre-installed with 12 or so schemes by default, but you can always mix and match different cursor components below the Customize section and clicking the Browse button in the bottom-right corner. For example, by applying a style, you can set the font, set the font size, and align a paragraph all at once.

Additionally, check or uncheck the box directly left of Enable pointer shadow to toggle the mouse cursor’s subtle backing shadow, and click Save As and Apply when done. Open Cursor Library and Cursors-4U both provide an incredibly robust selection of mouse cursors, encompassing everything from adorable Pokemon and festive holiday icons to medieval broadswords and more minimalist options. In this lesson, you will learn about the various formats you can apply to a paragraph and about styles.
Most consist of the aforementioned, slanted arrow, while others don a similar style in varying colors and sizes.

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