Select "Recover Data from iOS Device" from the top menu and Click "Start Scan" to scan your iPhone 5 directly. Preview and select your deleted text messages and click "Recover" to retrieve iPhone 5 text messages without iTunes. Under Brute-force attack, the program will try all the possible combination, no settings are necessary, simply choose this type and click "Start" to continue.
It by no means will cost too much of your time, but it may a little longer compared with the other 2 types. Remembering some of the symbols can save you much effort to recover encrypted iPhone 5 backup password. According to the hints in this pop-up dialogue, walk through Password length, character range and affix options and choose, check or enter accordingly.
If you know you'd forgot iPhone 5 backup password or other related passwords, and have created a text file of all the passwords you have used or hints for your password in advance. Or click "Browse Dictionary Files(s)" if you want to use your own dictionary created in advance.
After choosing the most appropriate type of attack, now you are able to unlock iPhone 5 backup password by clicking "Start".
You could click "Stop" to halt the process and save the project to continue next time or end the project. You prefer that iCloud take care of backups for you automatically when your device is connected to Wi-Fi and power. The photos and videos saved in your device's Camera Roll regularly exceed 1 GB in size or you tend to have very large backups. You would like a manual or secondary backup solution to use in conjunction with iCloud Backup.
Fast, Complete and Safe Hard Drive Data Recovery Software to recover your data in easy steps.

Best Mac Data Recovery Software Recovers Whatever You Lost from Mac Machines & Storage Devices. Recover Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Notes, Call history, Calendars, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks from all iOS devices. Retrieve iOS data lost due to iOS upgrade, jailbreak, accidental deletion, virus attack, restoring to factory settings, device damaged or locked, etc. Preview the detailed content of your lost data by selecting "Only display deleted items" before recovering. Reliable Mac data recovery software to recover lost data from Mac computer & storage devices. After scanning, you can click Select button in the top right of the interface and then, select all photos you need to download. Come recuperare la cronologia chat di Wechat cancellata accidentalmente dal vostro iPhone 6? He recommended me try iPhone 5 Data Recovery from Tenorshare which he has used for several times and proved to be effective and professional. Considering that I may take the same mistake next time, it is better to backup iPhone 5 with iTunes. If you have the same trouble with me, just try iPhone 5 Data Recovery and don't forget to backup your iPhone data next time. It happens a lot, if you encrypted iPhone 5 backup files the first time, iTunes will by default ask for a password which would be too long ago that you don't remember setting one. By taking wild guesses, you may be able to recover iTunes backup password for iPhone 5 if you have such luck. For the sake of efficiency, it's advisable that you choose the most suitable type accordingly. The iCloud Backup provides an easy and reliable backup solution for users to backup their iOS device wirelessly and automatically without the need to connect to computer.

Having backup files but fail to access to your data because the device is lost, stolen, damaged or locked by a forgotten password? Now just put them in an new-created folder firstly, and then, go to Google photos to migrate them to it. If you can't find the backkup file in the listed, just click "Import" to complete file importing. Recently she uploaded a large backlog of photos from her phone to the new Apple icloud photos service and I did the same from my Android to Google Photos. For some users, they just prefer Google photos to iCloud photos, thus they need to migrate those photos. But it seems that no matter what you put in, iTunes will claim iPhone 5 backup password incorrect or not working.
But if you lost your files or data due to accidental deletion, or iOS upgrade, device crash or damage, you will feel desperate and frustrated.
EaseUS MobiSaver for Mac offers you three recovery modes to ensure you fully retrieve the lost data.
Well, it seems we both agree that Google Photos is the superior cloud stirage system and we like the idea of it pooling our videos and images together to create books, collages, etc.
The problem is that we want all her old photos (now stored up in iCloud) over in Google Photos. In order to migrate photos from iCloud to Google, firstly, you need to download all photos from iCloud and put them in a folder on your computer, and then, you can select and transfer those downloaded photos to your Google photos.

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