While some career killers are clear and follow common sense, the workplace can be rife with hidden dos and don'ts. What's more, these secret no-nos can be behaviors people think are good, morally and professionally. But at the XO Group, formerly The Knot, executives Lori Richmond and Alison Bernstein proudly call themselves office moms.
Studies show that dividing your attention between tasks can decrease efficiency and accuracy, Shapiro said. Even though your company may say it's best to take your troubles to HR, that can hurt you, Shapiro said.
This Wednesday, an army of lithe, long-limbed models will strap on layers of sequins, feathers and jewels along with dozens of bras and panties and march down a runway in front of hundreds of people, an extravaganza that will later be broadcast on TV for millions more viewers.

So what exactly is going through the models' heads when they hit the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, wearing nothing but bra and undies? No matter how many times she does it, Candice said, she gets nervous -- and not just on the runway. But overall, the Fantasy Bra outfit didn't strike Candice as one of her more difficult looks -- and there have been plenty. Check out our sneak peek at Candice's fitting, and stay tuned for photos from the show this Wednesday! Lois Frankel, author of "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office." To be taken seriously, she said, leave the baking to Betty Crocker. They bring cupcakes to work, keep the candy jar full and maintain the office birthday calendar.

This time around, Candice will be front and center with the Fantasy Bra, an annual tradition of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But Candice didn't look at all uncomfortable in them, doing a final walk in front of a room full of staffers at her fitting.
This year's "Royal" version is covered in diamonds, rubies and yellow sapphires with a 52-carat ruby in the center; it's valued at a whopping $10 million. There were some adjustments to be made, including a request for additional coverage on the seat of the undies.

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