This colorfully handmade vintage-style patchwork cushion is made of squares cut from reclaimed saris – traditional, embroidered Indian garments.
After a long day, including some difficult personal encounters we tend to build stress in our bodies and mind.  Our mind keeps going over the situations reviewing the negative pictures and the emotions attached. Repeat the above, quietly feeling the impression of each word, surrendering to the feeling of each word and each breath. Listen to the silence of a loving heart, observe the stillness of a loving heart, value the fullness of a loving heart, and then, embrace this special moment in time with compassionate courage, generosity, and humility born from loving kindness. The act of meditation has not the goal of gaining anything.  The purpose of meditation is to release and then just listen, observe, value, and embrace what remains.
Will the discovery of the secrets lying dormant within your heart alter the direction of your life's journey?  Have you ever wondered which fork in the road to take?  Have you done all the necessary preparation to make the choice valid?
There are plenty of ways to tackle its capital city of Stockholm, be you a history buff, culture nerd, shopaholic or nature fiend, and you can do it with 24 hours, a few days or even a whole week on your hands.
Opened after extensive renovation in 2003, Hotel Rival was Stockholm’s very first boutique offering.
We lucked out on check-in, arriving five hours early to drop our bags but finding our room ready to go.
With a distinct lack of light over half the year, few places do a lamp quite like Scandinavia, and Hotel Rival enthusiastically adopts this trend. We were well catered for should we fancy a night in, with a selection of CDs (including ABBA, naturally) and DVDs in our room, and a generously sized flatscreen TV, which was wall-mounted at the foot of our two, queen-size beds. Coming from a London flat with no heating, I found the bathroom’s underfloor offering an absolute dream.
After a supremely comfortable night’s sleep, breakfast was served in the first floor bistro, which boasts a lovely balcony area overlooking the square and a room-defining tribute wall to the influential Swedish director, writer and producer, Ingmar Bergman. Reluctantly packing to leave I gave the amenities another quick scope, admiring the thoughtful touches once again (an umbrella, a bowl of wrapped chocolates…) and stumbled across an interesting tome that was hiding in the wardrobe – Savor Stockholm, 7th Edition.
Whilst I was disappointed to discover this polished publication as I was in the midst of leaving Hotel Rival, over a quick browse I was pleased to see much of what I’d enjoyed in Stockholm beautifully presented in its pages (see 48 hours in: Stockholm).
Wherever you are in life right now, you're about to continue a very exciting journey, breaking past your fears, your negative mental programs, and your delusions.

One can feel the currents flowing through the body, bringing enhanced life force and increased sensitivity to the spiritual worlds.
This was especially true when we filled the pyramid tubes with Azeztulite, and also Rosophia and Pink Azeztulite.
The city itself has 14 separate islands, whilst the county archipelago counts in almost 30,000 islands, islets and rocks. Situated on the leafy Maria Square in Sodermalm, this former 1930s cinema gives a proud nod to its history of entertainment.
The elevator doors slid open on the third floor to reveal the hallway’s autumnal-hued walls in umber, yellow and red, all framing a vibrant carpet that showcases abstractions of vintage travel paraphernalia.
The furnishings adopted Hotel Rival’s vivid streak, and teamed bright reds with cooling pines and fresh, crisp whites.
I counted a total of six independent lamps and lights in our bedroom, so as the day unfolded into dusk, we could tailor the room’s ambience to suit our mood.
Unfortunately, although definitely considered, the media collection wasn’t quite to our taste, not being in the mood for either Barbra Streisand or Sex and the City on this occasion. This was teamed with a generously sized rainfall shower that looked out over the main bedroom by way of a provocatively placed window (complete with Venetian blind for the less exhibitionist prone). Atop antique Persian rugs, we tucked into the hot and cold buffet, complete with both hard and soft boiled eggs, pastries, cold cuts, cheeses and super-fruit shots. So I placed it in the middle of the desk, willing it to stay put and left hoping that the successor to our room would be able to make much better use out of it than we had. Each of the city’s pockets, be them an island, a restaurant, a museum or indeed a hotel, holds a distinct personality that’s all its own.
Hotel Rival’s Bistro serves a popular brunch every Sunday from 1pm for both guests and the public. Meditation greatly increases your physical and emotional health, and enables you to handle difficult situations more effectively while greatly reducing stress. The incredible detail and meticulous fine brushwork exemplify the fine quality craftsmanship of these mini-masterpieces. Pure Copper is the ideal metal for conducting and amplifying these currents of healing and awakening.

Azeztulite fills the body with Spiritual Light, transmuting old patterns of contraction, and awakening the cells to the Light of the Great Central Sun. This cushion's softly rounded shape is ideal for meditation and yoga exercises, providing firm yet comfortable support helping to raise the body off the ground and keep the spine straight. Head there over winter for a snowy city stay, or see it all under the long summer sun, with an island-hopping adventure. Charmingly chaotic, this bold interior choice provided a wonderful contrast to the crisp white box that awaited us. Our view was unique for a city scene – the bows of a horse chestnut tree and the roofs of the city beyond.
I imagine this feature really comes into its own over the darker months, turning this fresh, contemporary space into a cosy haven of diffused glows. Fluffy bathrobes, soft slippers and a set of designer amenities by Malin + Goetz completed this pleasing picture; it all created an excellent setting for a leisurely pampering session or a quick refresh before dinner. The coffee was hot, fragrant and on tap (just the way I like it) and a small menu of items from the kitchen extended this already generous spread. Whilst I spent just 48 hours here, I’m keen to return to see it covered it snow and to cruise between the thousands of islands that create Stockholm’s unique landscape and spirit. The introductory audios throughout this meditation program help to clear up many of the misconceptions and pitfalls found in traditional meditation, while leading you safely through the process of becoming a Meditating Christian. However, my inner-geek was pleased as punch to find a DVI cable, so we could get our laptop on the big screen and watch a movie online – the Wi-Fi is wonderfully reliable. Handmade in India using recycled materials – each cushion is individually sewn and appearance of vintage sari material may vary slightly from photograph. Other stones such as the Synergy 12 and Ascension Stones offer powerful blends for a wealth of transformational experiences.

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