Scientists, psychologists and doctors have been contemplating the impact of our consciousness on everything from communication to health to quantum experiments. In this film, you’ll get to meet some of the greatest thinkers in this field today, and explore these questions and more. Before I worked with Dawn I struggled with splitting my energies up in too many directions.
You’ve helped us all by so willingly sharing your innermost struggles and then inspiring us by shifting into alignment and coming back with incredible success stories weeks or months later. You will always be the one in my life who taught me tarot and initiated me into the lexicon of the goddess … you had a great way of addressing things so directly and bluntly and yet with compassion … those times set a solid foundation for my spirituality.

What you do for me is bring out a strength and pride in being female in this life and in honoring the sacred feminine while also recognizing that the masculine, within myself and within others, is equally important and deserves the same respect … I recall being with you in Orgiva and experiencing how both men and women felt grace in your presence. What if we could ‘upgrade’ our nervous systems to a point where we could consciously communicate with our thoughts? She helped me get the clarity I needed in order to stop my side jobs and focus on my business. I always admired that you were both physical and very knowledgeable … I always left your class feeling inspired to be a better person.
What she provided was of HIGH VALUE – with a lot of great information for me to apply in my business!

Whatever your religion or beliefs, your culture, career or ethnic origins, spiritual growth is part of living your most fulfilling life.
Now I’m much more comfortable with investing in myself first, and have the courage to make a choice for me.

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