Though they are two extremes of nudity and eroticism, there is a link between Kamasutra and Playboy.
It is heard that the director of ‘Kamasutra’ Rupesh Paul had reportedly stopped Sherlyn Chopra’s nude feast to be unveiled through Playboy. You can unsubscribe at any time: If you receive a newsletter or email and decide you don't like it, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. If you feel you've been sent unsolicited email and would like to register a complaint, please email our abuse department. On this page, we have tried to provide all the information on Secret behind Kamasutra & Playboy. While one is an ancient relic which is more like a perfect manual for sex the other is a magazine which has become like a manual for fulfilling voyeuristic pleasures.

Apparently, Sherlyn is doing the film ‘Kamasutra’ in the 3D version and soon she would also be seen total naked in Playboy magazine. He had reportedly suggested Sherlyn Chopra that the real vision of her beauty should be captured in celluloid first and if it comes in the magazine first then that thrill will be gone. They may have also like or have thought on this News and that will help us to improve our selves!. We don't like to send unsolicited email, and we know you don't like to receive unsolicited email.
However, if you encounter any discrepancy in the information about this news, do write to us. Considering this a wise option, Sherlyn Chopra reportedly requested the Playboy folks and got it stopped.

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