I’m flirty by nature, so I think I relate to her in that sense from how she was in the beginning of the show. Being on “Secret Life,” do you ever feel like you’re taking on the role of spokesperson about teen sex? We know young teenagers are watching the show, but what role do their parents play?  Would you like parents to be sitting down with their kids watching this show? Bristol Palin is going to be a guest star on this season and I wanted to know what the experience was like having her on set and if you see her as a role model for young women who find themselves in these situations? Jennifer Coolidge (born August 28, 1961) is an American actress best known for playing "Stifler's mom," the consummate "MILF", in the film American Pie (1999), Hilary Duff's stepmother in A Cinderella Story (2004), Paulette, the manicurist in Legally Blonde (2001) and its sequel, the voice of Aunt Fanny in the animated feature Robots (2005), and for her regular role in the NBC sitcom Joey as Joey's agent, Bobbie Morganstern. Coolidge is known for her supporting roles in many comedy movies and guest spots on television.
She has played comic parts in the improv mockumentaries Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration directed by Christopher Guest.
Coolidge had a regular role in the NBC sitcom Joey as Joey's agent, appearing in 37 out of 46 episodes in the series. Back when I was in high school if anyone did anything to me, I was like, “Well, I’m going to get them back.” So I guess in that sense I can relate to her. I feel like people are paying close attention to what we’re doing, because I remember when I was younger and anytime anyone did something on TV, I wanted to do that too.
I have parents coming up to me constantly and actually thanking me and appreciating the fact that this show does exist because sex is a very touchy subject to talk about with parents and children. She is best known for playing "Stifler's mom", the consummate "MILF," in the American Pie films, though she is also known for supporting parts in other films, including Hilary Duff's stepmother in A Cinderella Story, Paulette, the manicurist in Legally Blonde and its sequel, and the voice of Aunt Fanny in the animated feature Robots.
She also appeared in the 2006 film Date Movie as a spoof of Barbra Streisand's Meet the Fockers character.

She originally starred in an episode of Friends in its final season as Amanda, a tactless and uninhibited wannabe whom Phoebe and Monica try to shake off. She also had a recurring role on King of the Hill as Luanne's beauty school teacher, Miss Kremzer.
Wallpaper images in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager club tagged: the secret life of the american teenager shailene woodley seventeen magazine. Wallpaper images in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager club tagged: india eisley photoshoot.
I was a big Mary Kate Olsen fan growing up, so anytime they did anything on TV, I was like, “Mommy, I want to do that, I want to dress like that. For me, having a baby growing inside you for nine months, knowing it’s your blood, and knowing that you created it, and you took care of it, and nourished it and [then] to give it up…is probably one of the toughest decisions you ever have to make. Wallpaper images in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager club tagged: the secret life of the american teenager shailene woodley abc family. Prior to her Friends appearance she was a regular on She TV, a very short-lived sketch comedy that also featured Nick Bakay, Elon Gold, Simbi Khali, and Linda Kash. In the second season, she is a frequently recurring character, playing the fiance of Ben's Leo Boykewich and future stepmother of Ben Boykewich.
When I was much younger, my mother told me that when a woman wanted to get pregnant, she would pray to God that she would have a baby and then it would just appear in her belly. This show is about teen sex and teen pregnancy, so she definitely has a voice about her experience being a teen mother, and the positivity and negativity about it.
She also has appeared on According to Jim, playing Jim's sister and in an episode of Sex and the City, and on Frasier as Frederica, Martin Crane's new physical therapist.
Seeing a pregnancy and heartbreak and just everything that sex brings into young teenage lives is a way for a parent to have examples.

So it wasn’t until…I watching “Clueless” and I kept hearing the word “virgin,” and I’m like, “Mommy, what’s a virgin?” And people kept talking about it at school. She is a big example for a lot of teenagers, especially having her mom being such a big figure in political culture. I think it’s beautiful that even though a parent can’t take care of a baby they’re willing to give it to another family who unfortunately can’t have a baby and they’re yearning for one.
Coolidge also appeared in the kiddie comedy Slappy and the Stinkers and as Adam Sandler's wife's friend, Janine, in the 2006 comedy film Click. So, she almost had to talk to me about it, but she was really nervous, and she kept saying, “Wait until you’re in fifth grade, wait until you’re in fifth grade, and you’ll learn,” because I guess that’s when you have the sex talk.
But yes, I was really glad to have her on the show and I know a lot of people are going to be looking forward to watching her and listening to what she has to say.
They’ve told me before that they watch it and they really appreciate it and they really enjoy it and it’s really easy for them to talk about it now. I think when I was in sixth grade…we found a condom during recess and I didn’t know what it was. My friends did and I didn’t want to feel stupid, so I told my mom, “Oh, my gosh, yes, we totally found a condom!” But I had no idea.

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