With an ambitions crew of owners and organizers almost all in their twenties, as well as a concept that has been marked by many as the most unique on Earth, Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival haven’t let up on setting big goals for the event’s future. Based on numbers alone, Secret Solstice should eclipse most of Iceland’s major festivals by default when it’s held this June, though even the staff admit they’ll have to work hard to knock the biggest name off their pedestal. The festival still has a few aces up its sleeve, with two more lineups to be announced to lure buyers from overseas, as well as locally in Iceland. Montserratt CorreaNY Concert Photography ExaminerMontserratt Correa, a music junkie, is a photographer shooting different kinds of bands and artists as well as events like festivals.

Photos: Ghost are scary awesome on day two of Northern Invasion 2016These days, it’s not exactly novel for a hard rock band to wear makeup or masks but there’s still no one else out there like Ghost.
While it may seem like a grand plan, their aim is to become the biggest music event in all of Iceland in only the first year, an ambitious plan considering the already-established events held in the country.
Montserratt is known for sharing her work of photography in different websites for people to be able to enjoy and be part of the experience. For more information on travel, tickets, lineup and news, head to the Secret Solstice Facebook page, or follow on Twitter.

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