Secret Ponchos is a competitive twin-stick shoot-out fest with MOBA styling’s set in taking in an isometric Old West world.  Developed and published by the small studio of Switchblade Monkeys the game was announced at PAX East in 2013 then formed part of Sony’s PlayStation 4 press conference at E3 the same year.
Pick a miscreant from four characters, partner up with another player to create a gang, albeit a small one, then head out to the digital frontier to find another like-minded couple and do them more harm than they can do to you in the time that’s allowed. The game plays much like an online battle arena title as the classes selected play an important part of the game. Like Team Fortress 2 (a game the developers have stated as an influence), the title plays the most fun when understanding your buddies and baddies abilities because working effectively with your cohort will win the duel-duel (double-duel?). On the subject of bugs the game is still in it’s “Early Access” cycle so as you would expect it has some stability issues and as well as absent features.
Currently the game has no keyboard and mouse support, but thankfully the game works really well with a twin-stick controller (either Xbox 360 or DualShock game pads). The biggest issue, and one I completely understand how it has occurred, is that the game doesn’t have enough bodies playing, making its matchmaking at ‘off-peak’ times decidedly difficult. The unattractive truth is that Secret Ponchos is a toothless prospector; the game is missing a lot but knows where the gold is! After this the top priority for the devs should be adding AI and then using them to craft s a singleplayer experience with a narrative (as these characters are crying out for a back story or an adventure) or even better still co-operative mode with you and a buddy, Butch and Sundance against the ‘horde’ of desperado’s.
Options are woefully missing from the menu for the basic and usual technical titbits you’d expect from a PC game. It appears although not implemented that eventually you’ll be able to see how you stack up against your internet brethren in official league tables. Secret Ponchos is available now on PC Steam Early Access with a full release for both PC and PlayStation 4 coming “this fall”.
Der Publisher und Entwickler Switchblade Monkeys verpasst seinem Twin-Stick Online-Shooter am 17.
Die verschobene PS4-Version von "Secret Ponchos" bekam einen neuen Release-Zeitraum verpasst. Secret Ponchos is a competitive multiplayer at its core with animated spaghetti western style. Secret Ponchos is special, it manages to have its own style, yet borrows so many great aspects from other games and genres. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A team of ex- Blizzard, Hasbro and Radical employees form a new studio and kick down the doors with a multiplayer-focused western.

Secret Ponchos is a new spaghetti western-inspired multiplayer game heading to consoles later this year from developer Switchblade Monkeys, a team made up of ex- Blizzard, Hasbro, Radical employees. Since then the game has received a lot of interest and now this wagon rolls into PC via Steams Early Access initiative. Playing as the ‘Phantom Poncho’ for example you’re able to use your whip to snare or stun the enemy while a ‘Deserter’ class can then impale an opponent dealing an impressive 1-2 of massive damage. The game will crash out from time-to-time or you’ll encounter ‘quirks’ – such as if you’re in the lobby on your own you can force the match to start with just your character leaving you to wonder the badlands on your lonesome.
This is quite a small amount, but each does offer a different scale, style and are well crafted enough to allow for plenty of choke points or spots to hide and ambush an opponent using the cover, such as behind barrels and walls. This progression results in points to spend on boosting the base stats and abilities of your character (movement speed, fire rate etc). The characterisations are amazingly animated, look detailed and have a fun Gorillaz-esq style to them. When you do manage to play, the only team sizes are 2-vs-2 and in addition having only one flavour of game mode available, Domination, does tend to make things go stale shortly.
No interface exists for changing the screen resolution; this is instead managed via a keyboard combination, nor an option to even quit out of the game at the time of writing. At the moment the Leaderboard to check your standings against other players, ‘Blood Bets’, gang management and an Online Store for what appears to be character customisation lead to nowhere. Well although Switchblade Monkeys have confirmed very little of a development timeline, they have said that many of the wish list (maps, modes, AI and even split-screen etc) are coming to the game at launch.
Dabei haben wir es mit einem  Multiplayer-Western-Shooter zu tun, der aus der Top-Down-Perspektive gespielt wird. Switchblade Monkeys are working on a purely multiplayer title going by the name of Secret Ponchos.
Pick between the six stylish characters and choose from the different modes; free-for-all, pitting all four players against each other, 2v2 allowing you to team up with a friend, and finally 4v4 with a team, allowing you to battle anyone else to the death, because that’s how the west was won right?
Almost a MOBA at the core, Secret Ponchos plays more like an arena-like fighting game, asking you to find a character you enjoy and then learn their combos. The possibilities of each character and map layouts add a complexity that rivals most other competitive multiplayer titles. This is not a game to play lone wolf – unless the match making is broken …which it is from time-to-time. These items are however destructible so you do have to pick and choose your hideout wisely.

Four playable characters and three maps, as wonderful as they are to play and look at, are too few to allow you to get stuck in or hold your attention for any duration. Angekundigt wurde der Titel zuletzt fur die PlayStation 4, aber auch PC-Spieler werden versorgt, wie die Entwickler im Rahmen der PAX East 2014 zu verstehen gaben.
Es gibt die Moglichkeit, sich in Duellen zu messen, mit mehreren Leuten in Gangs sowie im Free-for-All. Success comes easier once you learn how to use each character and how that character benefits your teammate or team. What you end up with is Secret Ponchos, a fun tongue in cheek moba with ultra competitive possibilities. Although a player’s health doesn’t regenerate, around the map, you’ll also have access to random pick-ups that spawn (along with other perks).
If you do wish to hone your skills away from real people, the offline practice mode consists of a measly match against constant respawning lifeless and stationary opponents. A lady Matador appears in promotional material who is seen to be lightning fast, but has to utilise melee attacks only, and the other being teased by the development team is a “Trapper” (whom I envisage as a brawler Davy Crocket type fellow) who they hint at will be able to lay suitable ambushes for other dastardly outlaw types.
For the money and its status I’m not expecting League of Legends or Team Fortress, but at this moment it just has too few ways for you to die in the Old West.
Die PC-Version wird zunachst uber einen Early Access angeboten, was fur die notige Finanzierung sorgen soll. Aurally the music is a real highlight with selection of distinctive western style melodies that are both catchy and memorable. As well as new characters and more maps are mentioned throughout development and more post launch to expand the universe they’ve created.
The game is paper thin, but on that paper it has jotted down some good ideas, created some wonderfully presented art work and a detailed treasure map for its planned journey ahead. The mysterious Phantom uses a double barrel shotgun and is a lethal whip wielder able to stun at a good range. The four characters are also well balanced towards each other and give a solid learning curve that when you proficient prove complementarily to your duelling partnership and to be feared.
The maps I also feel should be more interactive and have elements that can be used against your opponents – such as TNT crates that explode, or some sort of hunters traps that stun.

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