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I think a problem many stumble upon is that Sonic doesn't play anything like Mario, and they're disappointed when they find that it requires a completely different mindset despite the goal of both games being the same. Earlier Mario games (up to 3) only had one straight path with the odd secret route or shortcut, though they mixed that up with World onwards. The best Sonic game can't touch SMB 1, 2, 3, World, YI, 64, Sunshine, NSMB, Galaxy, etc, etc, etc. There are definitely bits of Sonic that are trial and error (enemies popping up, surprise spikes, etc.), but the majority of Sonic 1 at least definitely isn't.
I wouldn't put any Sonic game above any mainline Mario game, unless you wanted to judge them based on music. In honour of this awesome game and awesome thread, I've knocked together this memory: one of my favourite (and most suprising) moments in Sonic 3K - Knuckles' Endgame. The sonic series was a bit of an odd hybrid of going as fast as you can and yet having to take care at the same time because of all the hazards, many of which you couldn't forsee on your intitial playthrough.
Also, Sonic 3 (S&K or whatever) is a weak installment in the series, that is surpassed greatly by both, Sonic 1 and 2. Sonic games are really quite slow-paced in reality, and any time the game had a fast section it deposited you in a safe location.
This is Gusty's first appearance in the game, and half of the level will take place in a forest, while the other half will take place in a cave.

Lakitu, Cactus Jack, and a regular Cactus make their first appearances throughout the game.
Aqua Lakitu • Bandit • Baron von Zeppelin • Baseball Boy • Barney Bubble • Beach Koopa • Big Boo • Biting Bullet Bill* • Blow Hard • Boo Balloon • Boo Blah • Boo • Boo Guy • Boo Man Bluff • Bouncing Bullet Bill • Bowling Goonie • Bubble Dayzee • Bullet Bill • Bumpty • Burt • Cactus Jack • Caged Ghost • Chain Chomp • Cheep Cheep • Chomp • Chomp Shark • Clawdaddy • Cloud Drop • Coin Bandit • Crazee Dayzee • Dancing Spear Guy • Dangling Ghost • Dizzy Dandy • Dr. If you just hold right you're going to be bumping into a lot of enemies, you really should be rolling at every opportunity like when you're running run hill etc. Sonic games always had at least two routes through the whole level (though by Sonic 3K it was more like 3 or 4): and these were always based on how you manipulated the rolling to reach the higher routes.
It consists of 10 levels, and like every other world, it has 6 regular Levels, a Fort, a Castle, an Extra Level, the Scratch and Match Bonus Game, and a Secret Level (GBA Only). This level is very mountainous and has a lot of falling rocks that will crush Yoshi or simply fall into a pit.
The player must watch out, since the eggs they throw or deflect back might push the player into a hazard such as Spikes.
This stage has a lot of Shy Guys in it, and is also the first time that Yoshi will be able to tranform into a Train.
There will also be a section in which the player will have to ride Flatbed Ferries in order to advance throughout the level. Wii, consisting of six levels, a fortress, a castle and a boss, three special stages - accessible by entering the Mushroom Houses - as well as housing Princess Peach's Castle.
That way you can roll around the scenery, blast any enemies out of your way and go even faster which will help you reach the higher faster lanes.

Did you even try to learn the physics and mechanics or did you just hold right and jump occasionally?
There are three special stages, two reds and one gold; the two reds occurring upon completion of World's 1-2 and 1-4, and the Gold Mushroom House occurring upon completion of World 1-3. Starfox, Pokemon, Zelda and Metroid on the other hand are Nintendo series that I absolutely love.
If you just keep running and bumping into shit, you're gonna be stuck at the bottom of the level where the most traps are. In one area, the screen scrolls slowly upwards as Yoshi has to avoid falling rocks that pile-up on each other Tetris-style.
The player will be in a smoke filled room, and will carefully advance to reach another room that will lead outside to a beachside area.
There is also a pipe in the beginning that contains stars, which will be the only time the player will get them too.

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