In the wake of the release of Funcom’s new subscription-MMOG, The Secret World, my minions, Seshat and Feldspar delve into this new offering in the MMOG market and return with their impressions. The Secret World drops players into a modern, yet magical world where most of the conspiracy theories are true. The Fusang Projects are a persistent warzone, and you and your faction attempt to claim specific locations within that warzone.
Stonehenge is a 5-player-per-team limited-time event; each team attempts to claim and hold the altar stone for as long as possible, or to defeat the opposition.
Of course, the key thing to remember here is that each combat site – other than fight clubs – has three sides; not two. Feldspar: But try to save a little money (in-game money – Pax Romana) for upgrading skills! While The Secret World has now officially launched, apparently it is still selling at the pre-order pricing (US$49.99) with pre-order bonuses.
As the unexpected recipient of strange, magical energies, players align themselves with one of three vast, secret societies, to further their faction’s interests and thwart or avert whatever the apocalypse du jour may be. If you love a good story, an intense atmosphere, and well-crafted characters, you’ll enjoy the Secret World.

The easier quests have obvious directions to goals; pointers on the map, direction arrows, circles on the map to indicate likely locations. It’s up to your faction whether you decide to try to hold them as long as possible, or simply run around constantly re-taking them. Almost all your attacks need you to have your character facing the target, or you’re just wasting your time. As you get used to attacking with the action bar and number keys, things get easier, and easier yet as your attacks change to ones that take more time to reset – more time to find the right key. Distinct personalities, distinct backgrounds, you get a sense of being in a real world with real people. You’re working with your friends, humming along, do-de-doo, then suddenly a solo instance slams you in the face and you have to do it on your own. The investigative quests usually require information from outside the game – or require you to pay attention to details in the game, perhaps to visit locations you may not have yet visited. There are advantages and disadvantages to placing the relics on a location of ground; or to carrying the relic. The early Kingsmouth quests also help you develop your combat skills; so it can be worth waiting a little before you involve yourself in the PVP elements of the game.

You have to remember to keep turning to face each new enemy; the game won’t do that for you.
It can take some searching to find the vendor you actually want to buy something from, but you can sell things to any vendor, and they can all repair your gear. Not very many surviving real people, admittedly – at least on Solomon Island – but real people, with real pasts as complex as any from an Agatha Christie novel.
This price includes the first 30 days of game-time – but you’ll probably spend all of the first day just downloading the game’s data files. VAT per month or less for longer subscription plans), it also sports a cash-store offering vanity items and other such add-ons in exchange for Funcom points.

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