Spoon Feeding - Infotainment Resource Portal, here you will find so many different articles on Knowledge, Health Care, Humor, Personality Development, Sports, Technology, Politics, History, Travel and many more. Remember that each is a person of flesh and blood, entitled to his or her own choices and mistakes. Seek not to create for each other a new mold that can only fit with much discomfort and pain.
The most Important, never give an impression that just because you are not dependent on your husband you can do anything and that your husband has no right to tell you anything. Tirupati Form the Tirupati Railway Station just 4 km away is the Alipiri the starting point of the foot hill. Modern MarriedRelationship Advice For Women on How To Create a Life You Love with the Love of Your Life Learn How to Create a 5 Star Marriage with "The Love Upgrade" + VIP access to our classes and coaching programs. However, if you get a room full of wives together and ask them the secret to a happy marriage, you will find a pattern emerges. The Secrets to a Happy Marriage are, first, not so secret and second what I loved about this list is that it reflects behaviors.
The secrets to a happy marriage have nothing to do with the size of our bank accounts or the kind of car we drive.
Posted on: October 24, 2013 6 Comments Filed Under: Habits and Practices, Healthy Relationships, Marriage AdviceLove this post? I help Smart, Soulful, Successful women (just like you!) have healthier, happier, sexier marriages using simple tools I share on the blog and in my personalized coaching programs.
After years working on the HR side of luxury hospitality, I realized, 5 star hotels are fabulous, but 5 star marriages are even better!
Plus regular bursts of soul-filled, love-soaked inspiration + VIP access to our classes and coaching programs. We all have heard marriage of two individuals is a bond for their present lives and many more to come.
Newly married couples who start their married life do face some problems initially but as time passes things become simply and good. But then whether your marriage is love or arranged or love cum arranged, sacrifices, problems in adjustments with a new family altogether, all this is followed by restrictions, which may sometimes make things worse for the newly married girl. Each of you can cook for each other and show that you really appreciate their thought and the food both. There can be certain topics which your partner doesn’t like talking about, that could be anything relating to his past or any other topic. There are conflicts between partners, one must know how to handle them –  whenever you feel that there is something wrong, you can embrace them and ask what the matter is. I am new in this sphere of writing, but will try and give my best and paramount solutions to your queries, through my articles Hope u like reading my write ups.
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Given below are some of the points which will definitely help you as to bring that spark back in your married life. With so many responsibilities surrounding professional and personal life, you need to take a break from the hectic life and head to some rejuvenating destinations.

Your marriage is a hearth, from whence comes the peace, harmony, and warmth of soul and spirit. Remember that as babies can die with lack of touching, so can marriages wither from lack of closeness. Reflect upon the tranquility of the many future years you can share with a true friend, and beware of becoming battling enemies under the same roof.
Trust and reveal yourselves to each other, even as the budding rose opens to reveal its fragrance and beauty.
You got married, had kids, worked the land, and stayed married Whether You Could stand eachother or not. We can’t control the economy or what our boss will do tomorrow or whether it will rain or if the game will be cancelled or if our kids are going to pass, but there is one thing we all have control over and that’s what we think every day and how we behave.
If it is an arranged marriage, girls do face some problems to know the family, and the biggest thing knowing the one whom she is married to.
They think that they are the sole decision makers of the family, but then they do not know that sometimes it’s better to have a second opinion. They expect you to listen to them; they cannot go to their parents as usual with their problems.
Your bestest of friends may let go your problems but your spouse shall take this as an obligation, in order to help you get relieved of any problem. These are small things that make the bond even stronger and shall remain strong for the rest of your lives. If in case there is some things that you want desperately and your partner is not able to avail that to you, due to certain problems, in such a case you have to be patient and rather wait for the right time to present your wishes and demands. This will not only give you peace of mind, but also your married life shall be happy and full of beautiful moments so that whenever you look back at them, they shall certainly leave a smile on your face. What will be your response on this question, “Would you marry the same person again?” As I asked the question to a few married friends of mine and I really became surprised to see that […]Do Women regret Marrying too Young?
If you can’t plan out long breaks, use the weekends and head to some nearby places where you can enjoy some quality time together.
It helps to show the kids that a marriage is not only about responsibility, bills and bickering. Apart from these if you couples or singles know the tips to success given below, i am sure, you will not face any problem in your married life. Touch is the best feeling which you can give to anybody, even plants grow faster if you touch them daily and here its you n your beloved. Don't forget," Friendship is a plant whose roots are embedded in hearts and flower blossom in heaven". Listening each other will help you to know each other better and give little space for arguments and tensions. If you feel like one of these is calling your name and you want more of it – take it, hug it and go for it. We love watching shows together on the DVR and pausing to discuss our opinions and thoughts! Marriage demands a lot of sacrifice and they are just not made of romantic weekends, candlelight dinners and buying gifts for your spouse, the secret lies in the fact that the two understand each other and the wife is to stand by every decision that her husband takes for the family and advice him whenever she thinks that things won’t work out. She doesn’t know his habits, his likes and dislikes and is often heartbroken when she does something for her and he doesn’t like that. But then when she knows that her love, who is now her husband is there to support him, she is relaxed and then things become really smooth going. You two will definitely feel close to each other when this sense of concern and care shall grow between the two of you.

This article could be considered as a warning for women who are dating one guy for few years and feels to be madly in love with them and cannot imagine their life without them. Even though I am not into writing too much, but yes when I have thoughts in mind, just can’t stop myself to pen them down.
Read out stories to them, play some indoor games or if possible you can even accompany them to a nearby park and indulge in some fun games. If there is anyone to take care of the kids while you are away, it would be an added advantage.
Let both of you maintain a individuality with space to fit each other rather causing discomfort and pain.
I would advise any married couple to try finding at least one or two shows that you both like to watch together and invest in a DVR so if you both want to watch different shows that are on at the same time, you can take turns. In such situation the guys must try and understand her feelings with which she wanted to present something to him. A marriage bond demands that much of flexibility, that wife is able to share as to what she thinks about various things around so that she can feel that even her views are respected. Keep giving each other small surprises say a bouquet of flowers or gift her a beauty voucher of some salon, women like that the most.
I love interacting with people, love making friends, jovial and an optimistic kind of a person. The best way would be keeping transparency in your talks with your partner and sharing your thoughts without any inhibition.
Maintain your calm and stay composed as this will help you in tackling the things in an easy way.
Rather than rejecting that special gesture of your wife try and accept that and if in case you do not like it, tell her some other time as to what your likes and dislikes are.
Husbands will be happy till the time they get to eat delicious food cooked at home fresh and with love. Marriage is a fusion between two people who have agreed to share their life with each other; however men are still confused about the concept of marriage. I like reading novels, especially written by the young authors who in some way or the other are trying to bring into picture the real scenario of India and the youth. This means you need to spend some time with her, till the time you both know each other well. Avoid taking anyone else with you, because then the situation gets obscene and the two of you end up talking just nothing. Being a young aspiring lawyer I would certainly wish to draw the attention of the society towards the barriers which prevent the country from being a developed one, through this website and my write ups. Being a guy I can understand what boys expect from their girls when it comes about expressing your love.
Hence this blog post of mine on how to show your love to your boy is for all girls […]Most Popular Contents of I News India!
Many of my friends appreciated the idea and a few friends […]What do Women Want from her Partner! Because people have left the farm, and: because women have Achieved financial parity, married people need new reasons to stay together.

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