Daraius:  The British Airways New First Class cabin does not have a bed like Lufthansa’s new first class, but there’s something about the simple elegance of the cabin which appeals to me.
I also like that the service is not overly intrusive and fawning like on some Asian airlines, but is competent and professional.  A dry sense of humour helps too.
The flight attendant escorted us to our seats and took our jackets and distributed the amenity kits, slippers, and pajamas. There was also a much bigger TV than on our flight from Boston to London in the old British Airways First Class.
Emily Jablon:  I always feel cold on flights so I dress in layers and ask for extra blankets. I skipped the afternoon tea service and caught up on some work.  Looking at the menu again makes me hungry, and I’m not sure if I should have skipped some more dessert! At Boston, there was virtually no line at immigration, and after about 25 minutes we were on our way to catch our Southwest flight back to Kansas City.
We did have to pay ~$400 per long-distance segment in taxes and fees to fly British Airways, but the experience was worth it to me. Editorial Disclaimer: Neither the responses below nor the editorial content on this page are provided or commissioned by the bank advertisers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertisers. Ok, I have to ask – does the filming (inside the cabin) ever bother other passengers?
I’m glad to see the inside of First Class, this is the only way I’ll get to see it anytime soon, lol ! I was wondering if there’s a unspoken rule regarding having a toddler under 2 in first class, do the other passengers look at you funny when you have a crying baby at 30000 ft?

So for the food offerings, is it like a cruise where you can order two entrees, 3 desserts, no appetizers, etc? Interestingly enough… this setup looks almost exactly like the new Business Class seats on Cathay Pacific which I just flew HKG-BKK. Credit Card DisclaimerApplying for credit as described in this blog may affect your credit score.
Champions are famous for concentrating their energy and efforts on what they want and blocking out anything or anyone who threatens that focus.
When the goals are set, champions put mental blinders on and move forward with dogged persistence and ferocious tenacity. Steve’s Action Step for Today: Write down the single most important goal you want to achieve in the next twelve months and make a commitment to concentrate on achieving it – no matter what it takes.
You will receive a copy of James Allen's As a Man thinketh and an e-mail updates when a new blog post is published.
Is it possible for a person of average intelligence and modest means to ascend to the throne of the world class? This guide is dedicated to helping you become one of the many climbers that reaches the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro successfully. For the last couple of weeks I am looking for a rewards flight on BA and nothing shows up or at least anything reasonable.
While average people haphazardly pursue loosely defined goals, champions concentrate on the attainment of a singular purpose with an intensity that borders on obsession. World-class performers create such an intense level of concentration to overcome challenges and achieve goals that it is the last thing they think about before they fall asleep, and the first thing that hits them when they wake up.

This book is required reading for all Mental Toughness University clients in corporate America.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. American Express, Barclaycard, Chase, and US Bank are Million Mile Secrets advertising partners. World-class performers invest an inordinate amount of time and energy in selecting their major goals.
The great ones dream about their goals so frequently that they often keep pen and paper on the nightstand so they can quickly record any ideas or solutions that come to them in the middle of the night. While the masses consider making changes every New Year’s Eve, the goal setting and planning process is an everyday habit of champions. While average people see world-class performers’ successes as a matter of intelligence or luck, champions know sustained concentration of thought and action is usually the true key to their success. 177 takes youinside the thought processes, habits and philosophies of the world's greatest performers.

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