IAH offers Hypnotherapy Training in South Africa from centres in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and soon in Pretoria.
We offer Hypnotherapy Training in South Africa comprehensive courses such as Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Recognition of Prior Learning: We offer Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist certification as a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment. RPL assesses all certification, experience in similar fields and client consultations towards the 500 hours experience necessary towards Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification. A Gap assessment would also be necessary to see if any modules would need to be completed to satisfy these requirements.
Post Graduate Courses and Seminars: Ongoing Training courses and seminars carrying CEU points are available at our centers every month.

Holiday Boot Camp is a three day action packed DEVELOPMENTAL CLINIC which includes entertaining activities such as obstacle courses, walk to waterfall, target shooting, loads of fun team activities and games as well as activities to build self confidence. Holiday Boot Camp focuses on developing your child’s Motor Skills as well their interest in physical activity.
Holiday Boot Camp also aims to develop Social Skills through positive interaction between the Boot Camp Instructors and the other children as well as Mental Skills from taking part in tasks and activities which require problem solving as well as team work. Of course in true Boot Camp SA style all this happens without the kiddies even realizing because they are having so much FUN!!! Plus the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association, a body with possibly the highest standards in the world. Also for certified graduates as an additional 300 hours, consisting of home study, client consultations and face to face assessment.

Available to existing C.Ht hypnosis graduates from our training or from any other institution, who have been practicing. Training ethics, complete confidence, and a vast spectrum of usages of hypnosis and hypnotherapy not equaled in South Africa.

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