John Cerbone is a skilled hypnotist and a friendly guy who truly wants you to become the best hypnotist - stage, street or clinical - that you can be. If you are in need of one-on-one instruction or have specific business practice or technique questions, he's happy to assist. Looking for fun entertainment for your next company trade show, management retreat or staff motivational seminar? John Cerbone is a professional stage hypnotist and always provides tasteful and venue appropriate shows. Contact the Cerbone Hypnosis Institute today to discuss how John can help your company's managers, employees and support staff reduce stress, become more healthy, and improve their productivity and overall performance! Speed-Trance hypnosis demos presented by the Trance-Master in public always draw attention and interest. John, I want to thank you for the phenomenal show you put on at my daughters college during their fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.
Empower your sales staff to succeed, generate sustainable excitement, get past the 5 basic obstacles to every sale, turn most disadvantage into opportunity, remove problem thinking patterns forever, getting past struggle thinking, become challenge oriented and insure dynamic flow. Lower the damaging effects of stress upon your staff and optimize performance in an ever increasingly stress-filled world. Activate your inner leader, liberate inner wisdom and knowledge and guide others to more successful and optimized states of functioning.
On behalf of the Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Club, I would like to personally thank you for putting on a wonderful post game hypnosis show. If you are considering using a hypnosis download, then you would probably like to know about the values and background of the people that created it. Hypnosis Downloads is run by Uncommon Knowledge, a specialist psychology training company since 1995. At Uncommon Knowledge, we believe strongly in common sense psychology, and base our approach on the belief that human beings have a set of 'primal needs' which when unmet can lead to psychological and physical problems (more on that below). All of the sessions at Hypnosis Downloads have been created by Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell, the directors of Uncommon Knowledge, with help from our team, particularly Joe Kao and Kathleen Fedouloff. We're experienced therapist trainers - formed in 1995 we've trained over 24,000 people since then at face-to-face events. We've served over 600,000 hypnosis downloads and are the biggest hypnosis provider in the world.
Between our team of 4 hypnotherapists, we have treated over 5,000 patients in personal 1:1 therapy.
Over 600,000 people have taken our email courses since 2000 when we launched our online business. The Internet is awash with web sites which offer hypnosis products and services that have not been created by experienced professionals, nor are they based on current research-based practices. At Hypnosis Downloads we work within our strict ethical guidelines to ensure that every program meets the highest professional standards, based on current research and knowledge. At Uncommon Knowledge we use hypnosis among other psychological tools, because it is part of our birth-right as human beings, and the keystone of any learning process. Emotional problems work much more on the "feeling level" than the "thinking level" which is why just trying to think differently is so hard when trying to lift, for example, panic attacks or feelings of low self worth or phobias.
Mark and Roger, in addition to delivering training, used to run a busy hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice in Brighton, England, where they delivered brief, solution-focused treatment for a wide range of psychological problems ranging from clinical depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and OCD to self confidence, public speaking confidence, exam and driving test nerves and more. Their strict adherence to research-based approaches has made Uncommon Knowledge a leader in the field of hypnotherapy, with places on their year-long practitioners' course much in demand (now supplanted by home study therapy courses).
Mark Tyrrell HGDip, DipHypNLP(BHR) has been working as a hypnotherapist and trainer since 1995.

Mark also has a passion for anything physical and in his spare time, you'll find him down the gym or perfecting some esoteric martial art. Roger Elliott DHypPsych(UK), BEng(Hons) has been working as a hypnotherapist and trainer since 1998.
Roger also enjoys contributing to his local community by acting as business advisor to the Young Enterprise Scotland teams at Oban High School, and is a volunteer director of Atlantis Leisure, one of Scotland's longest established community-run social enterprises.
Joseph Kao DHypPsych(UK) began training in hypnotherapy and NLP in 2001, and he has run a private hypnotherapy practice in London since 2005. Kathleen Fedouloff Dip E Hyp MBIH has been in private practice as a hypnotherapist in London and Ireland since 1996, helping people from all walks of life overcome the problems of stress, anxiety and depression.
Attention is a form of nutrition and without the right quality and quantity we will suffer mental and even physical distress and illness.
We evolved to move a lot, eat simple nutritious foods (not grains and sugar) and sleep a fair amount too.
Research(1) (2) has found that social connection is a boon to both physical and emotional health. We all need to feel stretched (rather than stressed) because when life becomes too easy or repetitous then it loses meaning for us (see need number 3). We need to feel there is at least one person who accepts us and cares about us unconditionally "warts and all". When we feel powerless to make a difference and to influence at least some events we become vulnerable to all kinds of fears, anxiety and also depression.
A Little Bit of Giving - a Power Beyond HypnosisWe believe strongly in the power of hypnosis. When we launched our new series of downloads designed to help people with cancer and the side effects of its treatment, we knew our first charity would have to support those who live with long term, serious illness. Please put your mind at rest - every download is crafted by our team of 4 experienced hypnotherapists, so you are getting the very best self hypnosis available. Write a new chapter in your life where you are smoke free and feeling great by learning powerful self-hypnosis techniques. At our clinic, three-pack-a-day smokers quit after one session, and you can quit smoking forever if you are truly ready.
This hypnosis session was created by a former smoker who quit using hypnosis and uses the same techniques that have worked for millions of others. When you pursue this interest with a hypnotist in Oregon, I'd like to suggest you request a consultation before making an appointment. In the New Year we anticipate inviting you to return to do some serious hypnotizing to help people quit smoking. You have read about the dangers of second hand smoke to your loved ones, and you've promised them you would stop, and your New Year's resolution has come and gone, yet you are still smoking. Learn stress alleviating techniques that will insure better team building, generate more unlimited options, enhance creative thinking and foster a spirit of teamwork to effectively optimize success. Allow your mind to understand the system to extrapolate solutions to challenges presented, allow your mind to freely function with laser beam like precision, achieve greater concentration, organized thinking while reducing stress and achieving success, most especially while under stressful testing conditions.
We all enjoyed your show very much and will keep you on file for any possible dates for the 2006 season.
He has worked with the London Metropolitan Police, business people and individuals looking for help to improve their lives. In this time he has developed many ground-breaking methods of educating people about their own psychology, including the Uncommon Knowledge Diploma Course, the Depression Learning Path, the 6-Part Self Confidence Course, the Panic Attacks Course, plus a range of DVDs and CDs. When he's not doing that, he's playing with his two young daughters, chopping wood to get the family through the long Scottish winters or getting out on the water, of which there is a lot around his home in Oban.

Joe has co-authored several hundred professional hypnotherapy scripts for Hypnosis Downloads, and he is the co-developer of Precision Hypnosis, the Uncommon Knowledge advanced hypnosis training course. She has given hypnotherapy training sessions for British Hypnosis Research and run workshops on anxiety and smoking cessation.
For example, one study of 972 Johns Hopkins medical students used results of personality tests to classify the students into one of five types.
But there are also individuals and organisatons that make a power of difference in other ways. The underlying music track with rexaling sounds and embedded binaural beat technology will help you to enjoy this self-hypnosis session.
I am sure you must know we loved you by the way the audience could not stop hysterically laughing and the standing ovation they gave you at the finale. He has also given lectures to thousands of health professionals on self esteem, detraumatisation and workplace bullying. Simplifying psychology is his great passion and he has gained a reputation as a creator of innovative and highly effective training materials.
Thirty years later, when they checked health status, they found that students classified as 'loners' had sixteen times more cancer than people who vented their emotions to friends. Your energy, communication skills and the way that you related to each individual was outstanding! While there was nothing you had these kids do that was distasteful, it was hilarious; and just watching you perform was a show in itself.
This is especially important when planning an event in front of 8,000+ fans and doing in-between inning stints. Quite a few of them came up to me after the show and in the following days and told me how much fun they had. He is co-author of Giant Within and has authored and co-authored over 300 hours of self help products. In his spare time, Joe grows his beard a bit longer, puts on renaissance costumes and acts in Shakespeare plays.
Study after study has shown that feeling connected with other people is extremely important for physical and mental health.
Who would think that this many people could really be put in a hypnotic trance at the same time? In addition, he has helped develop a groundbreaking depression information website and treats clients with a range of problems - from clinical depression, panic attacks and PTSD to public speaking and sports performance. This is probably the 5th or 6th time I have seen you perform, and like fine wine, you get better with age.
We just had our weekly meeting and we had an increase in member attendance as well as new members. Sincerely, you were a hit and we all appreciate the entertainment that you provided for us and for our guests.
If someone has a strong fear about car doors being unlocked, they probably took on that fear at some fearful time in the past. It could have been someone's innocent statement about car-jackings, a horror movie or a personal fearful moment. The simple fact that our mind does create behaviors means that our mind can change them, if we understand how.

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