The premium lingerie, womenswear and beauty product company only needed fifteen seconds, a handful of beautiful models and some sweet pieces from their Body by Victoria Spring collection, to get the point across. Filmed in black and white, the addition of slow motion and MOONZz’ soulful single, amped up the seductive factor greatly .
MOONZz debuted the single during the Summer of last year (2015) and was quite shocked when a supervisor for Victoria’s Secret reached out to her manager to push the song for use in their then upcoming ad.
The highly anticipated movie sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass, began its magic premiere journey this week in London.

Harry Potter himself…well, the actor who played Harry, Daniel Radcliffe is back in another movie about magic.
Xbox recently released a slick commercial for their new game Quantum Break, starring actor Shawn Ashmore as Jack Joyce.
Darren Rovell pointed it out to Victoria’s Secret, and less than two hours later the shirt was removed from the website. Candice Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes and a few other sexy ladies move in slow seductive motion for the commercial’s black and white ad, promoting the latest Body by Victoria collection.

But it’s not just the visual that leaves a lasting impression, the song is going to get you too.

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