The Secret woke millions of people around the world to the tantalizing power of the Law of Attraction. That struggle is now over because the Secret left out a very crucial piece of the manifestation puzzle from its content!
Upon its North American release, Dark Secret was met with a negative response from critics.
When Eragon, a young farm-boy, discovers a polished stone in the forest his first thoughts are of selling it to feed his family. We've found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them.
It is actually really weird for people to be comparing that it has similarities with other books - the thing is - SO WHAT? I think Eragon was very well written but at some points it just got boring and I feel like some of the fighting might have been too descriptive and a lot of times it got really exciting but a few pages later it was just boring but other than that I LOVE Eragon and the author Christopher Paolini. A nice enough series for teenagers, but frankly I am dissapointed with the blatent copying of Tolkien. If you are 13-14 or younger read this, if slightly older, and want a good read, try the Malazan Book Of the Falllen, a Song of Ice and Fire or Lord Of The Rings - THESE BOOKS ARE FAR SUPERIOR! Hey it is the 1st novel U read completely and as I am 18 and a junior artist writing my own songs Eragon helped me to rectify a few things in my debut novel, The World In Me. The Inheritance Series has put Christopher Paolini high up on my list of authors- which inclues Charles Dickens, C.S. And personally, I love all the pointless detail because that is part of what contributes to its reality. Well I think that the 'love' thing goin' on between Arya and Eragon went nowhere, clearly a representation of his own love life, and also his plaigarism is shocking, he should have just put his name on on the cover of Lord of the Rings.
Admittedly this book shares a lot of similarities with the Lord of the Rings, but this does not mean that it's a bad book. The only reason that I give this even a three stars, is because it inspired a movie with the amazing Jeremy Irons.
I don't know how people can say there was to much description, if you want to much description then read The Hobbit by Tolkien.
So glad that after just a few years of its publication, and the very horrible movie brought on by the junkie writing, that it has become generally acknowledged by everybody that this young kid stole pretty much everything for his books and they have been subsequently ignored now. The Inheritance Cycle were by far the best books I have ever read, everyone keeps saying that he plagerised, if that were so then the story would pretty much be the same as the the others, it is not it is completely a different story then Star Wars or LOTR, it may have things that are similar to other stories in other books or even similar names to places and events in time but the point is they are not same, similar and the same are completely different. Considering the fact that I'm no fan of Star Wars and only watched the movie adaptation of LOTR, I can't say just how much of the book is plagiarized.
It is like, so cool, (soz didn't put name down) good book, should have a competition like 'create a dragon'.
Even without considering Paolini's blatant plagiarism, the book was written by a spectacularly poor writer.
I absolutely loved this book and Eldest and i can't wait for the next to come out, I am a writer and i don't see how you can hate his work, it is magnificent. But not many individuals claim to enjoy phenomenal success after watching the movie or reading the book! It is an audio book which slowly conditions you into getting in touch with your inner power or your direct hotline to the genie of the universe.
Game Rankings, a website that catalogues review scores from numerous sources to produce scoring averages, calculated an average of 40% based on the reviews available as of September 1, 2006. The stone turns out to be the home of a dragon hatchling and as Eragon secret ely raises it evil forces descend upon his family and he is thrown into a world of magic and power with only an ancient sword and a fledgling dragon to help him.Eragon is a remarkable achievement by Christopher Paolini especially when you take in consideration the tender age at which he wrote the novel.
Whilst a good story with enjoyable characters, there is a lack of plotlines and the ending of the series leaves holes big enough to poke a dragon through. I'm not sure what the director was reading but it seemed that he wrote a whole new book but kept the plot, conflict and solution.
I've read the Inheritance Cycle for the 5th time and I'm only now picking up hidden details throughout the book. Lewis, J R R Tolkien, J K Rowling, Rick Riordan, Shakespeare and Jane Austen, to name a few. I read it when I was fairly new to fantasy, so I thought it was the most original thing in the world. The characters are completely flat, and large sections of the book, along with most of the main characters, were taken almost word for word from Wheel of Time.
The plot is engrossing and enjoyable, the characters easy to relate to and the relationships, particularly that between Eragon and Saphira, stirring, regardless of the "stolen" ideas. At that kind of younger age, I was entranced by the magic and mysteries this book presented. I found it really hard to read The Lord of the Rings, gave up about half way through the first book, and can see from the LOTR films that there has been some cross over, but still, the actual story, not the same!
It's impressive that Paolini was able to complete a novel at the age he was and with the ardor he presented, his sequels seemed promising (which didn't live up to the hype). After I looked at some reviews of the book I realzied that Eragon wasn't that good because there wasnt' any real fresh ideas but its a good read! Most everyone uses the same basics in their books, to say that he plagerised is like saying that anyone who uses elves or dragons in their books are also plagerising. But nothing more because I didn?t like Christopher's writing style and the story was so unoriginal. If I had ripped off so many classics writing this book, I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt. Paolini was 13 at the time, and I have some sympathy, but this is not a book for adults or for experienced readers. If my book does end up getting published and they ask who my greatest influence was i would say Christopher Paolini. Sometimes we consciously wish for something yet our negative beliefs and mind chatter send out a completely opposite signal to the universe.
It helps bypass toxic thoughts and mental garbage to create and project the vibrations which allow you to order whatever you genuinely desire and then wait for the delivery with joyful anticipation.
Common complaints from these reviews noted that Dark Secret has very little directly in common with the original console games, including the lack of the grappling hook, a non-traditional camera angle (top-down instead of from behind the back), poor graphics, and underwhelming Wi-Fi features.
It is a tale that contains beauty and friendship, told by a young author who believes fully in the world that he has created.On the plus side, Eragon is enjoyable, entertaining and a book that will appeal to young adults around the world.
The things I see alot of people here complain about are the lack of originality and its childish writing style. If you are looking at this page to see if you should read his books, please at least just give it a try. I was also disappointed with the actors for: Arya - she was too happy and too human, definately not an elf.
Seriously Paolini's age at the time he started the books is impressing, but neither is it original.

Of course, eventually I was proven wrong, but Chris has an amazing writing style and a way of making you part of Eragon's world that seems extremely natural. I really enjoyed reading it, and it does not deserve to be disregarded, particularly given that it's a book that's aimed at a young audience who are less likely to pick it to pieces because of its flaws. Like many others, I found the detailed, protracted battle scenes throughout the series quite tedious and usually flicked through the pages to get past the endless bloodshed!
Now, I do acknowledge that many of the ideas in this book were built off of others but I still believe that this is an overall amazing read. I loved all four books and will buy them when I have enough money, just because supporting this young author is the right thing to do.
I finished Inheritence today, loved the whole series and wish I could read it all again with a fresh mind. The book itself was overlong, overstuffed with abysmal dialogue and callowness, in his character's predicaments.
I know that there are only so many ways we can write a story, and it is bound to become rather repetetive, but, really, does the world need a new farm-boy-saves-the-world? Riding on the wave generated by the Lord of the Rings being remade this time into live action movies instead of the original cartoon versions.
This was the book that got me into magical creatures and magic itself as I wasn't fond of it before. The only reason Paolini hasn't been sued is that most of the people he stole ideas from are too rich to care and the rest of them fear the backlash of a whole bunch of Eragon "fans". The version you read right now was written by a nineteen year old, with the help of his family and at least one professional editor. The UK nintendo magazine, ONM stated that the game was "A botched excuse for a stealth game who's only achievement is bringing a decent series' name into disrespute", thus giving the game 30%.
While its obvious where the author drew inspiration from I still find it a good read and would recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels with dragons. There are a lot of people with a lot of anger towards a lot of things in this world who just want to give everything a bad reputation, so ignore them and take a look at the first book.
When I described Perrin to one of my friends, he literally thought I was describing Eragon's blacksmith friend (forget his name).
READ THIS BOOK and do not listen to the people who say "oh this is very similar to so and so and I couldn't get into it for blah blah blah reasons." Number one he wrote it at a very young age, so his ideas will obviously reflect some of the ideas he absorbed from other books. The best thing I can say about the book and it's writing ability, all together, is that I was able to finish it. Actually I was searching for reviews of book 4 to see if I was the only one not to like it, when I saw this review.
Can't we have a farm-boy-destined-to-destroy-the-world and is being hunted, but he doesn't know why, which causes his resentment to destroy the world? The detail Christopher puts in the books, how alive the characters seem when your reading the book, makes you feel like your in the world of Alagaesia. People jumping onto it and reading it most likely due to the aspects of dragons and things.
Maybe I'll find tons of better written books, but I'll never forget just how eager I was to keep reading the book at 1 AM. Even so, that's not the point, he created an enthraling novel and an expansive world that has been enjoyed by many (some people must like it seeing that there is a movie and a video game) and that is the whole point of fiction books - TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY!!! I have read a lot of reviews saying how childish some aspects of this book are but keep in mind the first book (Eragon) was released in 2002 when Christopher Paolini was only 17, pretty good job for a teenager. Other popular books like Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games are unoriginal yet they are popular. Galbortorix - I don't like how he was shown in the first movie, a lot of creativity was formed until the last book when you at last get to visualize him, until then his mysteriousness was good. I did peek at the last 20 pages or so to see how it all ended and thought the story felt unfinished. Eragon is not as bad as some say, but neither should it be made out as a 2nd coming of LOTR to deserve 9 or 10 stars.
I am a writer myself, and Christopher Paolini has inspired me to write my book: White Shadows (hasn't been published).
One thing I didn't like was the overly detailed descriptions, I pretty much got lost a few times. Side note for those deciding between this and the movie, the movie was not done very well and had some rather important aspects of the story removed so keep that in mind.
The lack of originality comes from these authors building new works within the same genres, of course they will be similar. There is going to be over laps from other books but look out there and tell some stranger the book their reading is not a original. Sure Tolkien's books were great but I love how Paolini strived on differentiating his work from most any fantasy novel. The characters seemed to just disperse in all directions and the "love story" between Arya and Eragon went nowhere. Pretty good for young adults and below average for adults spoilt by the likes of Sanderson and Rothfuss. Not until I noticed a few things that were sadly very openly similar to the point of knowing it was purposely taken from other works.
Paolini's age can explain the writing style, he was a teenager when he began writing this series. Paolini seems to have spent more time and effort on developing the character of Roran than of Eragon himself and all in all I found the last book tedious and frustrating.
My only problem is he could've gone into more detail with Eragon and Arya but if that's not his thing or he didn't feel comfortable doing that for whatever reason, it doesn't matter, the whole cycle was great regardless.
It is easy for people to say that he was inexperienced so those who 'trash talk' the books need to lay off of him.
The book was meant for people who were his age, not some older crowd who reads mature novels all the time. Murtagh actor was also good, his darkness was evident, unlike Arya's representation of her character.
I don't understand how people can judge Paolini for being original or copying another book when the accuser has written no more then a 800 word synopsis on a book.
Like I said, the book helped me get into better novels as a kid, thats really what it is meant to be. I think it's a good book and I admire how creative Paolini was, especially with the ancient language, elves customs and greetings and the overall history of Alagaesia.
Maybe it's the dragons, maybe it's the elves (how many immortal, undying races are there in fantasy, and how come they don't rule the world?), or maybe, maybe, it's because this was written by a 13 year old (not the most talented people on the world) who's parents owned a publishing company. Good work to Paolini and I'd like to see more from him, also curious to see if he can manage a different genre. I wish it was possible to make it so people could get their money back from the book sales and also from the movie.

It's about a boy who brings a shade back to life, causes his uncle to be brought back from the dead, sees the death of a dragon.
The writer is still young indeed, as said on these other reviews, and he certainly shows promise. Without first reading the introductory overview, it's difficult to understand the later informaiton that is being presented here. I personally look forward to his future works and hopefully his creativity will be boosted even more! We are in the middle ages, saying that a ruler is bad for rising taxes isn't much of a stretch. They are shocked to realize that what they had been reading about (and studying photographs of) is also taking place right over their heads.
What some people had dismissed as mere "jet plane exhaust" (because there are now scores of internet propaganda web sites trying to convince you that 'everything is well' and 'there's nothing to be alarmed about' and that unaccountable 'jet plane exhaust'A  plumes are magically being converted into horizon-to-horizon overcasts of "cirrus clouds"A !) are dismayed to realize that chemtrails are indeed the toxin-laden aerosols that have been described here and at other web sites since 1998 and they are not being sprayed for any benign or national security reason as the disinformation peddlers would have you believe. I had taken my 35 mm camera with me to the monthly meeting of the Orange County Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers and after the meeting, I had stopped off at a supermarket. After getting out of the car, I photographed for the very first time, the strange looking "contrails" that William Thomas had been describing on the Art Bell radio program a couple of weeks earlier.
Thomas had dubbed them "chemtrails" on the Bell show to distinguish them from genuine (and rarely seen) short-lived ice crystal trailings properly identified as contrails. Although I had a number of articles about the NWO and their dark Machiavellian agendas posted at my web site, I was now witnessing (and breathing in) the stark reality of those depopulation plans.
A  Chemtrail spraying seems to be heaviest and most constant over North America and most countries ofA  western Europe. Some countries in Asia are being sprayed (Japan and Korea), but the greatest exception to any chemtrail activity whatsover is China. The Chinese are being spared completely because China is being groomed by the NWO to replace the United States as the leading nation of the world, both economically and militarily.
If you want to hasten the demise of the chemtrail spraying program, please take the time to read about orgone generators, chembusters, and the use of your mind-with focused intent- to rid the sky of these poisons. People are now reporting the ability to clear the skies of chemtrails by use of the mind alone to obtain assistance from unseen helpers (Sylphs and others) and do the job for you based on your focused intention.
I first posted an article in 2002 by Rich Work about using the mind and the the power of prayer to disperse chemtrails, and now we see this ability coming into reality with many people.
Read these articles to understand what Sylphs are, what orgone generators are, and the difference between a DOR atmosphere and an OR atmosphere. We are talking about nothing less than the demise of the chemtrail spraying operations! Chemtrails cannot exist in the presence of these giant air elementals and are they being destroyed as rapidly as they are being sprayed out of spew planes. All of the information posted below is interesting and informative, but it is now HISTORY. We are winning the battle against chemtrails and defeating the satanic traitors at their own game.
Spread the word: DEPLOY ORGONE GENERATORS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD and you too will be free of chemtrail laden skies! I have seen the evidence here in southern California and have read of similar reports from different regions of America. Read the articles below for an historical overview of chemtrails and the reasons for their deployment, but don't dwell on the negative aspects of this story because things are beginning to look up and we have good reason for optimism!
Get involved with making or obtaining orgone generators in your immediate environment and be part of the 'hit team' bringing down this Luciferian inspired genocide operation.
The fourth article describes a metaphysical method to destroy chemtrails that could work better than the physical method if employed by enough people and practiced correctly.
Len Horowitz's latest book (Death in the Air) on the chemtrail spraying program describing its sinister goals, It's a valuable resource to have in your library. Deploying orgone generators in your immediate environment is an easy, safe, and highly effective way to mitigate chemtrails in your area. However, note that the person who is posting this information does not recognize that many of the photos show Sylphs neutralizing chemtrails, rather than government technology directed at harming the public. With the exception of the EDB petroleum aerosol rings seen around the sun, the majority of photos which reveal a "rainbow" effect are in fact demonstrating the presence of Sylphs who are transmuting the chemtrails into less harmful substances.
Other Sylph photos show a large heart-shaped "hole" in the cloud cover which the web master assumes is government technology, but it is not negative technology.
Joe Burton has been aggressively investigating and reporting on this story from early on. Apparently he had been too aggressive, because his house had been targeted for direct spraying by low flying, unmarked aircraft.A  In a story postedA  Feb. 15, 1999, Joe reports the physical symptoms that his family and his pet have been experiencing from the sprayings. Joe believes that many of these military tankers responsible for the sprayings are remote controlled aircraft, but Al Cuppet (6 years with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff) has told radio talk show hostA  Jeff Rense during interviews on June 1, 1999, May 16, 1999, and May 7, 1999 felt that many of these tanker planes were more likely being flown by foreign pilots, possibly Chinese or Russian. His reports are titled Contrail Spraying of Cities is RealA  Part 1 , Part II, and Part IIIA  These articles chronicle Ken's apprehension and dismay at the discovery that the United States government was brazenly spraying the skies of southern Texas on April 9, 1999 with Chemtrails.
In June, a report from Florida said that sprayings had been going on for weeks over the Ft Lauderdale andA  Jacksonville areas, including military bases. Some people have gotten very ill and the symptoms seem to keep returning after a short period of improvement. It's possible that some of these sprayings might contain special bioengineered pathogens designed to affect only certain racial groups. In other words, a secondA  substance might be required (aerial spraying or substances added to the water supplyA  for example) to bring out the virulent phase of the pathogen, but of course this is only speculation. Rick Malinowski's long and detailed article also suggest the notion of a 2 or 3 part piggy back element to the chemtrail sprayings.
He has been interviewed many times on the Art Bell Radio show to discuss the chemtrails story and has many excellent articles and Photos posted at his own web site as well as other locations including-Jeff Rense's Sightings on the Radio .
Thomas has concluded that these sprayings are genocidal in nature and are intended to reduce or weaken the general population.
In a November '99 interview with Art Bell, Thomas also voiced the idea that there might be a mind control element to the most recent spraying, since many people are reporting mental confusion and depression following recent sprayings.
Thomas has reminded radio listeners that the government has had a long history of exposing the public to biological pathogens without their knowledge or consent.
Most people would like to believe that, but the evidence is too strong in the opposite direction.

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