Secret of the Old Clock is the 12th installment in the Nancy Drew point-and-click adventure game series by Her Interactive. The game is set in 1930, at the beginning of the Great Depression in the small fictional town of Titusville. Nancy Drew - Nancy is an eighteen-year-old amateur detective from the fictional town of River Heights in the United States. Emily Crandall - Seventeen-year-old Emily runs the Lilac Inn with the help of her guardian, Jane, while quietly mourning the recent loss of her mother. Jane Willoughby - Gloria Crandall, Emily's mother, asked Jane to look after her daughter in case anything happened to her. Richard Topham - A self-proclaimed expert on ESP, Richard Topham lives near the Lilac Inn, in the house that once belonged to Josiah Crowley. Jim Archer - Jim Archer is a good-natured, but secretly desperate, businessman who is trying to make it through the Great Depression.
Learn about Josiah Crowley, 'time will tell', Richard Topham, the will, the house, insurance and Jim Archer, the banker.

Nancy Drew has been asked to come to the Lilac Inn to see Emily Crandall, whom Nancy knows only through a mutual friend. She is the only playable character in the game, which means the player must solve the mystery from her perspective. She is plagued by strange occurrences - objects on the wall move, whispers call from the shadows, and things mysteriously disappear and then reappear, she says. Jane's doing her best to help Emily, but she doesn't know much about raising kids or running an inn. As well as previous versions of the game this one is also build on the famous adventure book about Nancy Drew. Emily's mother died a month ago, leaving her to run the inn with the help of her guardian, Jane Willoughby. Topham was the one to inherit Josiah's estate and money, even though Josiah told Emily that she and her mother would be included in his will. Players take on the first-person view of fictional amateur sleuth Nancy Drew and must solve the mystery through interrogation of suspects, solving puzzles, and discovering clues.

Emily and her mother had been counting on the generosity of their kindly but strange neighbor, Josiah Crowley, to leave them part of his estate to support the inn they own.
There are two levels of gameplay, Junior and Senior detective modes, each offering a different difficulty level of puzzles and hints, however neither of these changes affect the actual plot of the game. Your friend, Emily, owns an inn, but her business experiences problems, and she is almost bankrupt. When Nancy arrives at the inn, she encounters a mystery involving stolen jewels, a missing will, car chases, and plenty of adventure. Be ready to visit the lovely Liliac Inn, owned by Emily and many other locations to find the clues which help you solve the secrets and mysteries.

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