Nevertheless, I can't help but be intrigued by the recent carping amongst some media types regarding membership into the Baseball Writers Association of America, or BBWAA as they like to call themselves. The requisite for membership in the BBWAA was that one had to be a full-time employee of a newspaper and also cover baseball regularly. Anyways, whenever people get left out of something there is always a big stink and that seems to be what is going on with the BBWAA these days.
The fact is that folks like me who are adept at sending out faxes or e-mails to clubs to ask for credentials don't need the BBWAA.
For all other types of discussion, please post them in the forums.This includes (but not limited to) theories, fanon images, discussion about how great someone is, fanon stories, etc.
For a while now we've been notified that there are altocumulus clouds at the top of the tattoo. The filled circle apparently represents an Overcast, and the blank circle represents a clear sky-which matches the altocumulus clouds next to it. At the bottom of the tattoo appears to look almost like two symbols for Iron facing each other, and on top of it is a diamond with a circle on it.
But the middle-the stick with the pointing arrows and dots under each arrow, is yet to be solved-so far I believe it is the weathervane of the shack, which I will go with until someone fills it in with an actual answer. But the top of the tattoo is the sky, and the bottom of the tattoo is underground, which is starting to uncover the tattoo. Until we figure out the middle of the tattoo, we can make a conclusion that the tattoo is basically from a high point to a low point.
If any of this what already solved, as in, we already know it, then please tell me that too.
Considering that the cypher is on the side of the Multidimensional Bridge that Stan is working on, I think that the tattoo is a representation of the multidimensional spectra, specifically one that Stanley is trapped in by, or escaped from, Bill Cipher! The Stan twin theory states of four people in the society: Stanford, Stanley (the twin), and Bill-the other one wrote the books, but due to a spoiler consensus I may not speak his name. But that seems confusing - since the blindeye sounds like something Bill would be in, and Bill appears to be an enemy of Stan. Could the symbol Dipper circled instead be the one we are looking for when it comes to the secret society?

Actually, I subscribe to that line from an old Woody Allen movie that I would never want to be a part of an organization that would have someone like me as a member. I once almost joined the Elks Club until it dawned on me that I might actually have to go hang out at the local Elks Club. Just like the Elks Club, I am not a member of the BBWAA because I work for the web site of a regional cable television sports station.
That was until this winter when some of the ex-newspaper writers working for big cable TV sports station web sites were re-admitted to the club. Not only do they join clubs that want them as members, but also they want to join groups that don't want them. It seems as if a handful of well known Internet baseball gurus were denied membership into the BBWAA because, it seems, they don't actually attend baseball games. Additionally, certain members who travel regularly with the team they cover vote on the BBWAA awards that are given independent of Major League Baseball, and other media organizations.
It was first notified in Mystery Shack Mystery in a cryptogram decoding to "EVER NOTICED STANS TATTOO". The diamond+circle looks slightly like the portal in Stan's secret underground laboratory-UNDERGROUND. My guess is that it is a secret society symbol, and the MAIN symbol is blank-but each member of the society has the tattoo with a different circle.
However, since in all his other appearances it is full, we will assume that is an animation error. A Various Secret Society SymbolsSecret societies are (typically) fraternal orders that have been associated with everything from controlling international government to forbidden rituals to being a bunch of old guys playing gin rummy and complaining about their wives. SEARCH FOR THE BLINDEYE appears to relate to this, so not only could Search for the Blindeye be the name of the society, but "they" could be the mysterious runners of the site-the domain itself being a foreshadow of the actual relevation. Things are overloading my head and now it is all jumbled up rather than being a smooth theory. It could be the society's symbol, and the blank circle could still belong to Stan - while any filled instances being animation errors.
Oh sure, I like the idea of joining things and being part of a community or a group and all of that.

Nevertheless, it appears as if those dudes really don't understand the purpose of the BBWAA and its mission.
Writers who have 10 consecutive years of membership are given a vote for the Hall-of Fame, though that's an honor bestowed by the Hall of Fame. The folks at the Augusta National Golf Club want its members to be (white) men with $250,000 to $500,000 for yearly fees.
The one thing that I thought made sense was "Eternity or Immortality", the one I am going with. The banner hung in the mystery shack could be the main symbol, and the unfilled circle on the side of Stan's desk is just in honor of the author, and the blindeye could be a rival society. In fact, when I was in high school I was a member of a street gang called The Wilson Drive Cobras.
And frankly, why anyone really needs membership in that particular association is beyond me. If the folks who run the Hall decide to give the vote to any other group, there's nothing the BBWAA can do aside from open up its own Hall of Fame and Museum.
When it shows up on Bill Cipher in Dreamscaperers and when it shows up on the side of Stan's desk in Gideon Rises, it is blank. Thing I don't understand is that it was blank, yet on Stan's back it is filled-plus Gideon said "Stanford" after all.
Many rumors have flown around about these organizations, but here are some stone cold facts about secret societies. All secret societies worship a hyper-intelligent barn owl named Duane “The Enforcer” Roosevelt. Not to sound like a Benetton ad or anything, but there's nothing worse than being around a whole bunch of people that think the same way.

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