Adrian brings Grace wedding dress shopping with her and while she tries on dresses that are a) fugly and b) don’t fit her ginormous belly, they gab about all the amazeballs sex that Adrian’s having with Ben.
Things are still a little awkward between Amy and Adrian, and Grace is determined to fix their friendship.
There aren't enough sad face emoticons to convey our grief, especially since we have no idea whether or not Jack is dead. His hair coif is about to go spinning back to whatever planet it came from — that’s how worked up he is. In fact, she’s so blown away by Ben’s nasty skillz that she thinks it’s a gift from the man upstairs, and she wants to get married in a church to show her thanks!

She suggests that Amy and she throw Adrian a baby shower, because what girl doesn’t want her fiance’s ex-wife to plan her party?
Luckily, we have some sage words of wisdom from our favorite Secret Lifers to get us through the rough times. He’s anxious about Amy’s hesitancy to move in, so he calls her all, “Why have you been ignoring meeeeee?” If this dude doesn’t check his neediness at the front door, he’s going to turn into a total house hubby.
Check out the 10 best quotes from the epic Season 5 summer finale, and try not to sob all over your computer screen while doing so. It might have something to do with the fact that he and Adrian have a wet n’ wild shower liaison planned, or maybe it’s the huge amount of cashola that he’s going to inherit when Leo kicks the bucket.

Tom plots his revenge on the pimp: "They’re going to find him — and KILL HIM!"Umm, Tom, don't you know what show you're on?

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