The edges of the Yoga 3 14 are gently tapered to make it feel more comfortable in the hand when closed. It’s true that most people buy something like the Yoga 3 14 because they’re looking for a familiar experience. Inside the Lenovo Yoga 3 14 I tested was an Intel Core i5 Processor backed up by 8GB of RAM. What became a recurring theme was the buggy nature of the touchscreen and software experience.
I liked the Lenovo Yoga 3 14, which isn’t as big of an endorsement as loving it, but still decent. If trans women= women and hating, disliking, or mistrusting women= misogyny then…then what? Ok technically that would be trans women= misogyny but you know perfectly well what I mean and I hate that you even questioned my math.
Not only are you wrong, but even thinking that silly, silly, thing is unbelievably, incredibly, fantastically MISOGYNISTIC.
Now, I don’t know what your girlhood was like, but I’m actually pretty sure it had nothing to do with mine.
To say that none of the different privileges, triumphs, oppressions, failures, and experiences of all our lives outweigh the fact that at one point all four of our ovaries released an egg for the very first time is insulting and demeaning.
I know, I know, you probably feel really really embarrassed now, and that’s totally natural.
Gus Allis lives in Oakland, CA with her partner and their menagerie of special animals, but is a Midwesterner through and through. I wanted the Kindle because the screen on my smartphone was way too small for me to be reading books on. Its entire body is made of a soft-touch plastic that looks basic, but feels extremely nice in the hand. On the right are two USB 3.0 ports, headset jack and a slot for adding or removing media from an SD card. For years, notebook users have been stuck tracking down expensive cables that work with nothing else. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is a numeric way of saying that it looks absolutely gorgeous.
I always think about whether a hinge has enough tension to hold up to my taps and swipes in notebook mode.
If you’re dead-set on the notebook 2-in-1 form factor it’s some decent hardware at a somewhat decent price. If you are telling trans women they can’t be women, you’re telling every woman on the planet she can’t be whatever she wants.
The most common mistake I see here is when the queer community punishes trans women for specific aspects of their identities. My childhood (a word I greatly prefer) was pretty much centered on reading, climbing trees, and hating my fat body. Your generalizations about trans and cis women’s identities, bodies, and individual histories help absolutely no one. She in one college algebra class away from a degree in Historical Theology and doesn’t want to talk about it. Instead of spending less money on two different devices, 2-in-1 buyers can pool their resources and get something of better quality.

I wanted a media tablet, something that I could watch Netflix on and cradle intimately as I finished the latest J.K.
Every port you need is on the left or right edge surrounded by tiny gently grooved plastic. Another set face outward from the back so that the Yoga 3 14 can cool itself when you’ve used those attractive metal hinges to turn it into a tablet. There’s no set of numbers off to the side because Lenovo has graciously used a lot of the keyboard deck to space out every soft, divine letter on its keyboard.
On the right edge sits a power button, some necessary indicator lights, a Lenovo Connect button, a mute bottom, volume buttons, Mini HDMI and another USB 3.0 port.
I didn’t find myself distracted by too much glare and everything looked sharp and crisp – except Chrome, and that’s Google’s fault. What kept bothering me was all the extra software nonsense that Lenovo stuffed this PC with.
The only thing we have in common, all of us, every single woman, cis AND trans, on this planet, is that we call ourselves “woman”.
And, patriarchy looks different, takes different forms, and has different effects in different places, times, classes, religions, and races. They don’t enforce an environment of understanding and security, they in fact do the exact opposite. She’s done some cool things like given workshops at national conferences about fatphobia, ableism, and being a cis ally, has gone on national speaking tours to fundraise for queer legal battles, and organizes solidarity cafes to raise money for political prisoners in the US. It’s almost as if Lenovo made each side of the notebook specifically for its two form factors. Instead, Lenovo followed what’s happening in tablets and smartphones and opted for a new USB power port. Harmony is designed to make switching between multiple modes easier, but it just got in my way.
Issue with that touchscreen and the amount of random junk Lenovo installed had me wishing for a cleaner experience. And here’s why, here is an annotated list of all the ways your transmisogyny hurts all women. It sounds more like something a pipe smoking white guy from the 50’s would say to his daughter who wants to be an astronaut.
Kind of a different childhood than, say, my best friend who traveled the country with her hot air balloon pilot parents. So I’m sorry, I know that was totally your ace in the hole for this argument, but it’s been debunked. Now all those trans women who’ve been barred from women only shelters, clinics and spaces because you were too into your weird second wave phase to be a decent person?
Mostly, though, Gus Allis just watches Netflix in her room and cries about fictional characters. You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to keep your music and documents synced between two devices because there’s just one. I don’t think the Lenovo Yoga 3 14 necessarily reaches a balance between its two personalities, but it does come closer than most other notebooks have.
Later on, I wised up, acknowledging that getting a tablet closer to what I expect from a notebook would mean productivity on the go. The left side for when you’re using it as traditional notebook, and the right is for when you’re using it for anything else.

The little wall charger that comes with the Yoga 3 14 will have you thinking about how influential the iPhone and iPad really have been on the entire industry. Moving files or running every program I needed to run – Adobe Photoshop included – ran just fine.
I’m honestly disappointed that I have to go back to my regular machine and chain myself to a power plug every 5 hours or so. And can I just say, as a fat girl with a history of pretty serious body issues, it’s kind of triggering. Kind of a different childhood than my mother, who grew up a poor Catholic girl in the Italian part of Queens in the 1960s. But I think you’re being just a tad bit racist, classist, sizeist, ageist, ableist, and a hell of lot of other things by telling me that I, a white, upper class, American girl share a girlhood with every other person who was assigned female at birth on this planet. Admittedly, while I like 2-in-1s, the notebook that can become a tablet craze has never really made sense to me. As a sort of torture test, I kept my regular Chrome browser regimen, opening at least 7 tabs at the same time. What’s more, the PC had all of these non-essential third-party utilities that added nothing to the experience.
Ok, then I need to know two things: I need to know if I’m a real woman and I need to know who can tell me if I am. Kind of different from my coworker who came over from Eritrea to America and grew up in the projects in Oakland.
Because, honestly, as snarky and hilarious as this essay is (and it is really funny and you know it), the effects of your transmisogyny are significantly less hilarious. It’s my opinion that these things – these Windows PCs with morphing powers – are our collective future. Because if I’ve learned anything during these past few years, existing on the periphery of the trans community as a cis lover, friend, sister, and “ally” of trans folk, it’s that I sure as shit don’t have the authority to determine my own gender identity.
Well then go down to the nearest breast cancer walk and tell every single woman with a double mastectomy she’s not a woman.
Another person feeling like they have any authority over the validity of my body is really scary to me. You’re also probably upholding some very serious white supremacist and ableist values too. I’ve also learned, in no uncertain terms, that the war on trans women’s identities is a war on all women’s identity. When you’re done with that, go down to your local hospital, ask the nurse where the OR is, and wait outside until you can find a woman fresh out of her hysterectomy, and tell her the news. Don’t worry night-time writers, you can easily see both at night thanks to backlit keys and that metal rim around the trackpad.
Every time someone needed to know their own gender identity, they would have to contact you. I suggest, if you do keep this up, that perhaps you may want to get a gmail account, as that has an infinite amount of storage space. Plus don’t forget how my “real” cunt is a “get out of gender invalidation free” pass.

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