Lorri Broda serves as associate producer at DisneyToon Studios where she manages the production of feature length movies for DVD and international theatrical release.  Among the titles to which Broda has contributed her executive and creative skills are Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure and Secret of the Wings.
At the press day for The Walt Disney Studio’s new animated film, Secret of the Wings, I had the opportunity to sit down with Broda and Notani to talk about how they created the look of Periwinkle, the fairy world’s newest character.  They provided me with an overview of the project, revealed the drawing and design process for the character, and then answered questions about their collaboration and how Notani made magic happen through her work on Secret of the Wings. Question:  When you develop a character like Periwinkle that has to be very close to the original Tinker Bell, but then you create a completely different world, how do you make sure the two are different but at the same time match?
How does the character designer collaborate with the other members of the creative team?  How did that iterative back and forth process work within your film? It’s interesting to see how Periwinkle’s hairstyle compares to the photo of the model’s hairstyle designed by Ken Paves.

Chris Evans will get to wear at least one new Captain America outfit from Marvel Comics in the sequel to The First Avenger.CBM has the scoop and have shared the leaked concept art.
While we cannot confirm quite yet if it’s official, previous leaks regarding many of the the new armored suits in Iron Man 3 proved true and the latest image falls in line with the style of previous artwork. Also take a look at the red stripe down the side of the leg along with the while stripes from his should going towards his center. It also opens up the possibility for Bucky eventually suiting up in the more traditional Captain America garb should the film franchise follow certain key events in recent years from the books.
Reaction to Cap’s Avengers suit was mixed and in an effort to better merchandise the sequel, Cap would need a new costume much like Tony Stark.

Are you hoping this costume appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?Fun tidbit: Secret Avengers introduced this costume in 2010 but was relaunched in February as part of the Marvel NOW!

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