Leave a comment below or on Instagram if you’re going to be doing the challenge and leave your Instagram username so I can follow you! More about the challenge from Kino and Kerri: It really doesn’t matter what you wear to practice yoga. Kathryn Budig breaks down this gorgeous, core-busting two-legged version of the Pose Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya. I was all geared up to prepare a new challenge sequence of poses when it hit me, I’ve never taught you guys Dwi Pada Koundinyasana (the two-legged variation of the Pose Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya)! Begin in a bent-knee Navasana (Boat Pose) balancing on the tripod of your sit bones and tailbone.
NOTE: Side Crow is the precursor to Dwi Pada Koundinyasana, so take your time to tackle this Challenge Pose first. As you set yourself up for Side Crane on your left arm, notice if your knees and feet are stacked.
Try a slight extension in the beginning, working toward full straight legs, but DO NOT let your arms straighten.
Need to make sure you take time out during the busy end-of-year season to slow down, be present, and truly enjoy the holidays? Commit to practicing yoga November 19-December 20, and you’ll gain strength and serenity … as well as special gifts and treats from Reach Yoga. Free month of yoga is not transferrable to anyone other than the person who earned the points. You can find tons of free videos on Youtube, and Kino MacGregor, one of the challenge hosts has a bunch of videos for all different levels.
Every day features a pose to help open your heart and also gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you’re grateful for.

I wanted to use this pose in a transition but it would be silly to do that without breaking it down for you first so here we are—back at a good old single pose blog. I’d recommend doing a good warm up before this pose: Sun Salutations A + B, a few Warrior poses into internal standing poses with twists such as Crescent, Chair, and spend some good long holds in lunges or Hanumanasana prep. Keep your legs together and extend through the balls of your feet just like Barbie (point your foot but curl back through your toes). There is a tendency for them to be uneven, so just take a moment to line them up before you lift into the arm balance.
I figured it must be easy until I tried it myself and realized that my version didn’t look anything like that. Take your arms wide in line with your shoulders onto the ground so that your palms are flat.
Interlace your all your fingers together except your index finger and thumbs and swing your arms to the outside of your right thigh.
Stay in a nice, full Chaturanga and round your upper back just like you would in Crane Pose.
If you’re working on your twist practice feel free to start on both elbows taking the extra outer elbow underneath your hip. I’m truly amazed at the progress over the past year, and it all started with a one month yoga challenge. The goal is to bring the upper arm and hip closer together—the deeper the twist the easier the staying power. It will also be tempting to look at your feet, but this throws off the balance in your shoulders and often makes the opposite shoulder slump down. As you feel stronger and deeper in your twist, try to explore what it’s like to only balance on the inner arm.

I decided for one month to do yoga every single day, even if it was just a quick 20 minute routine, and it turned into a whole year.
Inhale first, then on your exhale lower your legs as a team down and toward your right hand as if eventually your toes could touch your fingers without bending or separating your legs.
Keep your outer left arm touching your right thigh, and explore straightening just your right leg up toward the ceiling. Bend both elbows into a full Chaturanga stance, keeping the elbows over the wrists and letting your shoulders drop down evenly in line with your elbows. Sweep your feet off the ground bringing your feet in line with your knees so that your shins are parallel with the mat. You don’t need to be strong or flexible to start off, all you need is an open heart and a willingness to try. Join the yoga community here on Instagram by commenting and liking other people’s photos who are participating in the challenge. Use your inhale to bring the legs back up to center then repeat on your exhale reaching the toes towards your left fingertips. We designed this month’s challenge to be the perfect introduction to yoga, but we want ALL levels to join and share their daily practice.
Be inspired!We will be giving away things that you need to support your yoga practice & lifestyle that we will announce in a few days.
If you’re totally losing your balance and collapsing to the side, you’re taking it too far.

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